Yumiko Cheng's Nipple Slip Video Gains 600,000 Views

Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by Paradiso, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Paradiso


    Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi is currently resting at home. Earlier, Yumiko accidentally exposed herself while performing in Canada. Since the video clip have been uploaded onto youtube.com, it has received 600,000+ views. On June 26th, this clip became the most watched video globally.
    The number of views surpassed the clip of Yumiko revealing her thong at TVB's 2006 charity show, which had 430,000 hits.


    Numerous versions of Yumiko's nipple slip video have surfaced. Some netizens have even created a version compiling both of Yumiko's exposure incidents. This clip climbed to the #9 spot on youtube.com with 96,000 hits.

    Yumiko's manager felt helpless regarding the clip being widely viewed on youtube.com. She wished that netizens took Yumiko's current emotional state into account.

    Yumiko's manager said she was a very strong woman and did not cry upon returning to Hong Kong. Yumiko will be resuming work on Saturday.

    Will Yumiko require counselling [due to the trauma of the nipple slip incident]? "No, there is no need for it. She is very mature and will face the situation directly."

    Source: Jayne Stars
  2. 無得頂

    無得頂 Well-Known Member

    Obviously Yumiko won't cry, she exposed herself on purpose this time. There's already 2 or 3 threads about her already. It seems like Yumiko's plan to get more attention worked very well.
  3. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    -lol is that really her plan? -whistle
  4. Loreen66

    Loreen66 Well-Known Member

    A lot of curious people. What's there to see, it's just a nipple -what?
  5. KilaKilaGirl

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    at these modern societies, showing top naked is very common. example, -American film-
  6. nyckeion

    nyckeion ....Boo....

    i sent the five bucks show me it hahahaha jk jk
  7. zero_c

    zero_c Well-Known Member

    Its only a nipple. Sometimes I see 3-4 a day because girls wear tank top that is a see thru top. Its not a big deal.
  8. [N]

    [N] RATED [ ]

    lol wondered if she really did this for the buzz cause her popularity was mostly based on the other incident and it died down quite a bit since then.
  9. Espresso Bunny

    Espresso Bunny Well-Known Member

    does anybody have the clip or pics?
  10. Giniro

    Giniro Well-Known Member

    Again why always her so purpose
  11. hkm91450

    hkm91450 Well-Known Member

    When I watched the video, I didn't even notice her nipple slip.... probably because her breasts are very. . . erm . . small . . .
  12. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    a weak attempt compared to JJ
  13. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    I think you can find a clip on Veoh.com. Just make sure the family filter is off.
  14. Stephanie_Ng18

    Stephanie_Ng18 Well-Known Member

    I Kind of feel sorry for her, but it does make me wonder whether she did it on purpose or not... I mean... this is like the SECOND time it happened!

    Thanks for sharing though :)
  15. Stephanie_Ng18

    Stephanie_Ng18 Well-Known Member

    I Kind of feel sorry for her, but it does make me wonder whether she did it on purpose or not... I mean... this is like the SECOND time it happened!

    I haven't seen the clip yet... so I am not sure what exactly happened though... I'll probably check it out... (no... I'm not a pervert! lol)

    Thanks for sharing though :)
  16. just2oni

    just2oni Member

    I do feel sorry bout her getting exposed to the public live... but as far as i know.. this isn't her 1st time getting exposed in the public... i remember that her pants came off during a stage performance for some TVB show.. Even if she did it on purpose or not... its quite humiliating to her image/reputation..

    She is already so beautiful but yet this kind of incidents still happens TWICE and yet no precaution is taken before performing..
  17. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    I really wonder whether she did it on purpose.How come no precautions since the thong incident...sigh...
  18. Rus

    Rus New Member

    I got the video. I can just share ba and its free. but this forum is not suppose to share porn stuff, so i cant share =/
  19. johnnyfrmnorth

    johnnyfrmnorth Active Member

    i don't think it she accidentally slip it out.
    she did it on purpouse.
  20. erichau

    erichau Active Member

    Shes doing free "advertising" (of her body... Well we learned something new... shes F*at) on how sexy her body is... Its oviously on purpouse! The N*pple is very sensitive...

    At the point when her nipple was sticking out a bit when her dress was touching it, she felt it... A few times she looked down... She knows...

    If i was at her shoes, I would just turn around and do some improv. and pull it up... And the camera man is so perverted... On the big screen you could see her nipple clearly... lol