Yoyo is out

Discussion in 'The Voice II - 超級巨聲2' started by videofans, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. videofans

    videofans Member

    good! finally i can see yoyo is out, but i wish wai man gor quits as well, they both are very disgustful.
  2. dorqy

    dorqy New Member

    i wouldn't say disgustful, but they definitely cannot sing and they think they can sing too, that is what bothers me. wai man gor is doing pretty well, i have no idea why -___- SMH
  3. Yeah agree Wai man gor is crap.. and the voice 2 contestant are crap too except for mag lam, no much star potential in this bunch. the only thing good about the show is probably the host they're funny!!