Your thoughts of the series?

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  1. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    So it's almost coming to an end.......what do you think? like it so far? think their dad's still alive after these years? like forgot his memory and wondered around in some other places (old ''Q" TVB always use
  2. excelintel

    excelintel Active Member

    Haha if you have seen the preview from ep18 think u will know the started off abit slow....but i like the show....nice storyline and good fighting scene....and some heartwarming scenes too...can't wait for the last few eps....
  3. pig771

    pig771 Member

    it feels like a bit of a ripoff to shows like Moonlight Resonance but i still find it entertaining nevertheless.

    I mean with the utter crap TVB has come up with recently (save for that one abt "tong pak fu") it's refreshing to see something that's down-to-earth and doesn't just throw together random nonsensical and out-of-context-bullshit like TVB shows usually lean towards!

    This show is DEFINITELY one of my favs of the year so far!
  4. xhikarux

    xhikarux Guest

    one question: how come this series is almost to an end, and now a discussion thread for this drama is made. its a bit late and almost pointless isnt it?
  5. dom88_rx7

    dom88_rx7 Well-Known Member

    tis series is one of my favs too. tis series start a bit slow but now interesting. KOO YU-TONG.'s character is the best in tis drama which is much better than KOO YU-CHEUNG.
    just can't wait KOO YU-CHEUNG to kick the ass of WING MAN-KWAN and WING TAK
  6. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    A bit slow and confusing at the start but the plot has picked up and the stories are pretty good.

    As far as their father is concerned, he's most likely dead from the short preview at the end of ep18.
  7. occ

    occ Well-Known Member

    agreed with you %100, the whole family thing is very much a ripoff of Moonlight, other than that this series is very good,the mom did a great job as a kung fu lady.
  8. its pretty good, though i dont like the time period its in.
  9. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    i agree! But, i never watch preview at the end of episode.. keeps me looking forward to each day at the end of the episode! :)
  10. su3y

    su3y New Member

    seem all over the place in the beginning with all the flashback but the series start to pick up after. but still seem like the story is just very slow
  11. kawaiigirl

    kawaiigirl Well-Known Member

    All I wanna know is, where is the father of the 'KOO' family.
  12. occ

    occ Well-Known Member

    We will find out in chapter 21 watch the review at the end of chapter 20.
  13. llhm87

    llhm87 Well-Known Member

    I think that Wing Man Kuan didn't die. What you guys think?
  14. onni

    onni Well-Known Member

    yup, i don't think Wing Man Kuan died. they must have switched person when the police tied him up just before the firing squad open fire. besides, i believe wing tuck will never let his son died that way.
  15. fafeifa

    fafeifa Well-Known Member

    yeah this series is ok but i think the problem is that one of the main characters can't even speak correctly
  16. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    The start of the episodes was kind of annoying with the flash back, its like "come on we get the point", there is no need to show that scene over and over again when Tavia goes out everytime when the bell rings on the bike...

    Whats up with Wing Tat and his excuses? It just drags on and on and on, well maybe thats him eh. His a murderer, his a liar, in fact his commiting crime every time you see him (exaggeration), he even go so far to say that Tavia gone mental and should be sent to the lunatic asylum hospital xD

    Looking through the preview at the end of chapter 18 and 21, Wing Man Kwan has somehow practiced Tai-boxing from another master and wanna seek "revenge" has made it gotten interesting, especially to find out that there was a dummy to replace his "death". Now now, I wonder who will win in the Guangdong Boxing Championship Tournament... (If you read the last line of the synopsis, it shall give you a hint :biggthumpup: )

    Anyways, enough coverage of my opinion on the Wing family...

    Its obvious that the step daughter of Koo likes Koo Yu Cheung (Kevin) as everytime when you see Kevin have a relation with someone, the camera scene always shows her to see that she feels bad, now now who here has sympathy for her when she got raped? (No pun intended)

    Lets move onto the protagonist, Koo Yu Cheung (Kevin), isn't it amazing to see him back again and knowing the fact that he has the touch of the Koo family. The series started to get intense once he started practising his martial arts, and when he developed it by learning the iron fist palm..

    I'm only writing such a long post as I'm waiting for the download to finish for ep 22, and now it's finish. Ta dah, I'm off to enjoy the
    Guangdong Boxing Championship Tournament fight between Wing Man Kwan (Tai-boxing style) and Koo Yu Cheung (Iron Fist Palm) xD
  17. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    and u should knw by now the fight's tomorrow -sweat

    according to selena li, th eactress who play zee ching:

  18. kawaiigirl

    kawaiigirl Well-Known Member


    I usually don't watch any preview ^.^
  19. mizuKAZE

    mizuKAZE Well-Known Member

    yeah previews are annoying =D. i dun watch it too, unless I can watch the next episode directly ^^
  20. steV83

    steV83 Member

    this series not bad..its ok