Top 10 Music Sellers.

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  1. Thursday June 22, 2006, Asia

    1. Kang Ta & Vanness | Kang Ta
    Scandal (Deluxe Chinese Edition) (CD+DVD)

    2. Edmond Leung
    The Story of June

    3. Joey Yung
    Joey Yung One Live One Love Concert 2006 (2CD)

    4. Taiwan TV Series Soundtrack OST
    It Started with a Kiss TV Soundtrack (Hong Kong Limited Edition) (CD+VCD) (OST)

    5. Hacken Lee
    No .10 (AVCD)

    6. Stephy Tang
    Fantasy (Special Edition) (CD+DVD)

    7. Taiwan TV Series Soundtrack OST | Ariel Lin
    Tokyo Juliet Original TV Soundtrack

    8. Kang Ta & Vanness | Vanness Wu
    Kangta & Vanness First Single - Scandal

    9. Jolin Tsai
    Dancing Diva (Taiwan Preorder Edition)

    10. Nan Quan Mama
    Color Palette! (CD+VCD)

    credits: yesasia, asianfanatics.
  2. azntru3lub

    azntru3lub Well-Known Member

    can't believe Nan Quan Mama was in the top 10 :)
  3. bell3442

    bell3442 Well-Known Member

    the artists listed above deserves to be in the top ten. they worked hard to get there. but, i can't believe stephy is in the top ten.