Yammie Lam found dead at home

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    7 Nov – Former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam was recently found dead in her apartment in Stanley, Hong Kong.

    As reported on ET Today, a police rep revealed that the actress' body was found by a friend who visited her apartment on the night of 2 November, and had apparently been dead for some time as her body had begun to decompose.

    The police suspected no foul play and also found no visible wounds or drugs around the area.

    Yammie, who started her career in Hong Kong in the 1980s, had starred in multiple television series and movies, including the Stephen Chow-starrer, "A Chinese Odyssey".

    However, her career went into a decline and halted in the noughties as her mental issues began to interfere with her work life.

    Yammie reportedly experienced various tragedies in her life, beginning with her boyfriend's suicide in 1986, her parents' passing in 1990, and multiple failed relationships.

    In 2013, she opened up about her personal trauma, revealing that she was raped by two men in the film industry whom she refused to name.

    Meg Lam, who was one of Yammie's closest friends, stated that she was saddened over the news of her death.

    "Family and friends can do so much to help her and support her, but only she can save herself. Perhaps ending the suffering is not such a bad thing after all," she said.

    Carina Lau, who came from the same TVB training class with Yammie, stated, "I hope she is happier and freer now that she's in another place."

    She was 55.

    credits: cinema/sg.yahoo
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Nov 8, 2018.