WOW ep 19 is actually good

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    I was going to make a post how disappointed I was in this series after watching around 15 episodes, but after episode 19, I'm actually thinking this show might be good from here on.

    At first, I was excited to see Gallen Lo back for another show. He has always been my favourite actor since the day I watched TVB. The beginning of Born Rich was just wrong in so many ways. The only decent part of the show was the theme song. The music the show was just horribly placed, I felt like every other scene, they put this epic music like something was a big deal, which made me feel like "huhh... okay...". Angie always had this stupid broken english song when she would be on which annoyed the hell out of me. Overall the editing was just bad and not to mention, the whole series was so slow with nothing really happening until Marcus got kidnapped.

    Hopefully, 20 won't disappoint and continue to be good... I noticed they cut down on the music and the acting has picked up.
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    Things are starting to pick up and the plot is getting more deep...
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    Well its going to the peak, I guess. By the way you are right, TVB always does that with song... remember Heart of Greed... when Linda and Raymond part was on, every time they ply that song. It was so damn annoying.