Worth continuing this relationship?

Discussion in 'Love and Relationships' started by Chloee, Sep 28, 2014.

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    My boyfriend and I have been dating almost into 3 months. I am his first girlfriend and his best friend as well. Before we got together he was flirting and complimenting me like crazy, but once we got together all that sweetness went away. In the first 2 weeks, he expressed his feelings pretty well as in "When I am with you, time just stops", "Just looking at you makes me smile", "When I am with you I feel at peace". Now he rarely expresses himself. Recently I told him that I am beginning to fall in love with him and he told me it really suprised him, but didn't scare him and said don't get upset if he doesn't respond quickly and not that he doesn't feel the same way, but he really has a hard time expressing himself. Now he enjoys teasing and picking on me since that's his personality, but sorry if this is confusing, I will explain it better if need to, but since it's his first relationship do you think he is trying to find his place? Is it worth continuing the relationship? Because at times I want to know if he misses me and know how he is feeling.
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    A relationship worth having requires effort to maintain once you get past the honeymoon phase. Only you can answer the question whether this current relationship is worth the time and effort. You need time to assess a person's character and behaviour especially during the initial phase because it will be more guarded. What you want to establish is the real person and determine what you can live with. Be mindful that you don't fall into the trap of moulding someone into the person you want to be rather than the person you see. Behaviour is difficult to modify because it is part of the DNA of that person. Additionally, males by nature are less expressive. You have to decide whether you can live with that.
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    Thank you, I see your point and I probably feel that way because I've been in relationships before and he is still experiencing it.
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    Agree with this^ I've been in many relationships myself and know that it takes time, effort, dedication and most importantly of all work to keep it going. I'm in your shoes actually, and since you have the upper hand per se just be patient with him. Since he was your best friend at first then you should know him well enough his pluses and minuses and should be able to "roll with it". Once there is the break up though, it can definitely be hard to become friends again. How old are you two?
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    Love may be a transient affair. Attraction plus chemistry will let you know if relationship is sustainable, you may not have to try hard.
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    "Now he enjoys teasing and picking on me since that's his personality"

    That's love baby