Workout or Exercise you did today!

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  1. Knoctur_nal

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    New replacement pull up bar. Time to hit this hard.
  2. [N]

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    Did my first muscle up ever finally only one though. Busted one of my callus the other day tryin it filled wit blood so kinda painful there but fuk finally i can say I did a muscle up.

    Did some HIIT training on treadmill for 3 miles and some pylometrics on speed ladder.
  3. was workin dead lifts a couple days ago and now my back's so damn sore (DOMS) that i have trouble sittin up and down.. can't wait to un-sore myself so i could work on squats/glutes but for the next couple days imma hafta stick to doing cardio.

    These Harbinger gloves with wrist wraps are pretty good

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  4. [N]

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    4 muscle ups not straight but still finally learned the technique and have the ability to pull it off wohooo

    and ran 7 miles in 57:31

    only gonna do it like once a week though haven't ran this much in like 3 weeks. Don't want to lose ability completely.
  5. Aznmask

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    My challenge for myself. Started 3/11/13.

    3Miles a day for atleast 5days a week.
  6. [N]

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    been doing these for a while my form not straight as his but his level cray (more vertical your body the harder it is)

    hardest core exercise i have done no doubt.

    currently training for these:


    really close to hitting that one


    got to the tucked position cant extend legs out and keep balance

    and finally can do 3-5 muscle ups straight :trollface2:
  7. [N]

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    legs day today deadlifts squats you name it gonna feel it tm
  8. chimagun

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    used chalk for the first time recently. was a world of difference when doing deadlift. was able to move more weight before i had to switch to a mix grip
  9. [N]

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    damn i need some chalk my hands build up soo much calluses from bar exercises like muscle ups etc the rotation is killing my hands.
  10. SeaBoundRhino

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    I love soccer. So running comes naturally with it. Then there's this exercise craze that's all the place here...called zumba.
  11. [N]

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    finally after years of being scared but this actually wayyy easier than wat ive been doing
  12. [N]

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    benched 245 for the first time ever at 157 pounds!

    ran 7 miles

    finally did muay thai pushups!

  13. [N]

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    back lever! wasnt that straight i dont think so but wohhooo another new move!
  14. Aznmask

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    My old routine workout was body group
    warm up is 20-25mins treadmill 2miles

    mon - chest/triceps
    tues - leg / shoulder
    wed - Rest
    thur - Back/biceps
    Friday - Rest
    Sat - chest/triceps
    Sun - leg / shoulder

    My new routine is different. More hardcore, more intense, actually i like this routine a lot better.
    warm up is 20-25mins treadmill 2miles*

    Mon - Upper body - basically do every on top part
    Tues - Leg - everything bottom part -
    wed - Rest
    thurs - Upper body - basically do every on top part Abs
    fri - Leg - everything bottom part
    sat - Rest
    sun - Upper body - basically do every on top part

    Please give me some suggestion
  15. [N]

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    just tore my shoulder muscle yesterday doing these at end of my workout fuk.


    but did some of those of course my back lever dont even look that good unless i do it on trx probably.
  16. bry01395n

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    10 straight mins of kettle bells will make you a better person all around. Swings, to lifts and squats.
  17. man i havn't worked out in 2 weeks and went from a 4 pack towards a 6 to a 1 pack beer belly... lmao my body sucks and it does so really fast
  18. bry01395n

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    /\/\/\ I know, it's all about consistency. The worst is when you're getting there, and you have a cheat day to only feel the repercussions of it for the next 4 days.
  19. [N]

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    have one arm to workout can only workout abs legs or do cardio for the next two weeks or so boo!!!
  20. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    im interesting if anyone get six pack yet lol..