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    i can feel 6 individual lumps in my abdominal area but theres definitely still fat there you need a perfect diet to get 6 pack if you are not training to be skinny lol.

    this routine+perfect diet will get you shredded no joke


    the trick for most of these is to keep both your feet straight but also off the floor if they are on the floor you are doing it wrong!
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    are you shredded yet
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    like i said my diet is lacking thats why i aint shredded by my core is jacked can hold a front lever and do lalanne pushups pretty easily which both really test your core lol only thing i can improve to is probably do pullups in lever position or the human flag.
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    Legs day just hit that 275 squat at 157 lbs bulking bulking bulking woo woo.
  6. im quite the opposite after 2 months off the gym gettin back into shape only 100 pound dead lifts and 8pull ups -sweat
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    rope jumping 15 min
    10+20+20+20 pushups
    20 v situps
    20 +20+20 crunch
    10+10+10 side crunch each side
    20+20+20 leg raise
    bow flex shoulder pull 20 + 20+20
    dumbell oblique side raise 20+20+20 each side
    plank 30 sec x 3

    30 min swimming next day

    dumbbell curl 10+10+10 each side 26lb
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    haa at least u can still do 8 pullups my friend been in gym for over a year cant do 5 rofl but 100 pound deadlift pretty weak haa unless u weight near that
  9. tryin to take it ez with my back starting over
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    I played Football, feel the pain....
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    Try invest on a foam roller, helps loosen up them tight muscle (lower back) and also quads.
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    Long time, no post ~ :)
    Anyways, went gym today with the bf and a friend.
    Did a 20min cycling warm up, then we used the TRX to work the arms. Fun times, my arms were dying xD
    I left the guys to carry on while I worked on my abs, some squatting and stretches, a lil bit of yoga poses and then we did the 7min challenge to round it off. Was well proud of myself lol, although still hate doing the push ups.
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    Did some of these in slow controlled motion with pauses at each lever position on the trx to show up some indian dudes who thought they were legit doing windshield wiper pullups hahaha...didnt even notice a chick was mirin tell she told me she was watching hahaha. Man my gym ego high as fuk now need to be humbled.

  14. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    Arms were aching so just Did day 4 of the squat challenge and ab challenge. Nice and easy.
  15. well since my last post i only went back to the gym 2 more times and each time i went i got more weak... i offically downgraded my pullups to 3 at most LOL. Gotta hit back its almost t-shirt weather in a few months.
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    currently doing a 30day ab challenge and theres 6 days left =(
    can now do 100 situps!!!!

    question: what is the correct way to do squats there are so many diff ones on youtube -__-"
  17. so Nas where u at now on the exercise? i havnt worked out weights in half a year ... surprised im still able to maintain my weight @ 160
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    i am at under 10% bf and pretty ripped weigh around 148? I injured my elbow so i just went cutting and eating healthy and it worked hehe. Core and lats strength pretty good but arm strength is like bleh.