Wonder Woman - 多功能老婆 (2019)

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    English Title:

    Wonder Woman

    Chinese Title:



    Ella Chan



    Miriam Yeung
    Pakho Chau
    Alice Chan
    Raymond Wong
    Rebecca Zhu
    Tony Hung
    Jinny Ng

    LAM FEI (Miriam Yeung) is a beautiful, trendy yet cheerful “Wonder Women” housewife. She and her husband, an architect SHEUNG KIM-HUNG (Raymond Wong) and a smart and active son SHEUNG KAI-KAI are living a happy life. LAM FEI has two buddies, a career woman, MAN FUNG-WAH (Alice Chan) and a pretty and wealthy wife MA SEE-LUI (Rebecca Zhu). Each of this trio has her own ideas about romance and encounter different up and down of love. KIM-HUNG develops his career. He takes a shelter in mainland and abandon his family after having an affair. LAM FEI suffers a hugh blow and she has to bring up her son by herself so she sublets her flat. A tall, handsome and rich guy, YUNG HO-TIN (Pakho Chau) becomes her tenant. They often tease each other and end up in hilarious situations. By chance, LAM FEI changes from a housewife to a celebrity chef, HO-TIN becomes her angel in helping LAM FEI to build up a culinary career.
    A heartless man causes a woman to feel hopeless. Another affectionate man makes her feel optimistic again. This moment, KIM-HUNG returns to seek reunion. HO-TIN is also proactive and the triangle relationship is remain in a deadlock!

    Airing November 25th replacing The Man Who Kills Troubles 解決師

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    rebecca zhu doesnt looks as cute with short hair
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  3. boring so far the other nerd show is better lol