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    <quote> Dear Windows OneCare™ Beta Testers,

    Invite your friends and family to signup for the Windows OneCare Beta!

    Do you know others who are interested in trying out Windows OneCare? We are now at the point where we would like to expand our group of beta testers. We encourage you to extend Windows OneCare beta invitations to your friends and family. Just have them go to, sign in with their Microsoft® Passport Network credentials, type in OneCare (case sensitive) when prompted for the guest ID, and follow the instructions from there.

    You can install Windows OneCare on multiple computers!

    Did you know that approved beta participants can install Windows OneCare on more than one PC? In fact, we encourage you to install the beta on every PC in your house to ensure that we are finding and fixing as many of your issues as possible. To install Windows OneCare Beta on additional machines:

    Go to
    Sign in with your Passport Network credentials.
    Enter your unique Product Key. (If you have previously entered your unique Product Key, you will not be prompted to enter it again.)
    Install Windows OneCare and enjoy.

    Top feature requests coming in the next few months

    Backup to an external hard drive!

    That's right, you spoke and we listened. Many folks have asked for the ability to back up to an external hard drive because they have either large datasets or don't have a CD/DVD burner. Our team has been hard at work to implement this new feature and it's looking great so far!

    Integration with Microsoft Update

    We've added a much requested integration feature that notifies you when MU auto/auto is not set and gives you a 1-click action item to get you green.

    Detection of conflicting applications

    Did you know that, like other security programs, Windows OneCare does not support operation on a PC that has other antivirus or firewall programs installed? Many folks have been confused by this, so we've added a feature at setup that informs you of the specific programs that need to be uninstalled prior to Windows OneCare installation. This new detection feature provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to remove the conflicting software.

    Shell extension for antivirus scan

    Soon, you will be able to right-click files or folders and scan them in place. </quote>