William Chan's Fans Send Nasty Comments to Rumored Girlfriend Bruna Marth

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    Brazilian model Bruna G. Marth is unprepared to deal with the pressure of dating William Chan (陳偉霆), who is one of the most popular actors in Mainland China. William’s fans have been leaving nasty comments on Bruna’s Instagram account, calling her a prostitute for selling her body in nude fashion shoots.

    Although William has not publicly acknowledged his dating relationship with Bruna, sharp-eyed netizens spotted clues that the pair are an item. When speaking about William, Bruna said, “He’s handsome, a good boy, King of Drama… King of Everything. He has a good heart.” But realizing that William is a popular idol with millions of fans, Bruna tried to keep their romance low-profile and said they are “just friends”.

    Angry William Fans Call Bruna a Prostitute

    William’s fans felt that Bruna is flaunting her relationship with William to increase her own fame. Many left comments to attack Bruna’s looks, and complained about the frequent nudity in her modeling photos, “Your naked photos, breasts, and nipples have been seen by everyone in China. All of China knows that you’re not a serious model. You’re just under the guise of modeling to sell your flesh everywhere as a wild chicken [hooker].”

    Another commenter also called Bruna a prostitute, “Look at her wanton looks. All her posted photos are sexually suggestive. She’s the type of foreigner to pimp a wealthy man. Without serious work, she’s just online 24 hours a day, using a variety of social software to get hookups to earn money. She loves to flaunt herself; if you have money you can [sleep with her]. But looking at her, even if she’s a hooker, she’s a low-class hooker.”

    More fans were concerned that Bruna will drag down William’s success, “Are you using [William] for your own fame? It wasn’t easy for William to get to where he is today. Do you know that in China, one word you say can pull down William?”

    Bruna is Stressed by William’s Fans

    It is hard to ignore such malicious comments on Bruna’s Instagram account. While some logical fans urged her to not pay attention, Bruna admitted she felt very unhappy. Asked if William knows about the severity of the cyberviolence, Bruna said, “Let’s not talk about this. It’s my own personal matter.”

    Bruna added, “My job is modeling; I’m not a prostitute. I know many people love William, but please respect me. Everyone deserves respect. Please don’t attack me on Instagram.”

    Clarifying rumors that she was married before, Bruna said, “I was never married. That man is my friend’s husband. I’m not lying and explained this on Instagram before, but the comments won’t stop.”

    Feeling that even her personal safety may be at stake due to the widespread hatred, Bruna was spotted entering the Wan Chai police station in Hong Kong. It is reported that she has involved the police in an attempt to curb the cyber attacks.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Feb 2, 2018.