Who's at fault in this whole sex photo scandal?

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Who's at fault in this whole sex photo scandal?

  1. Edison

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  2. The Girls

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  3. Edison and the Girls

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  4. People who put the photos on the internet

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  5. Everyone is equally at fault

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  6. Other

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  7. No comment

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  1. caitou

    caitou Member

    everyone was part of it, you can't just put the blame on one person. edison may be a sex addict, with all the pix focusing on him, but still, its not all his fault. the girls were obviously willing to do it.
  2. superdumbdumb

    superdumbdumb Member

    i agree with caitou.
    both parties are willing to have sex.
  3. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    I would say the ppl who uploaded d pics are at fault!!! In Western countries and even in Asia, many couples do record vidoes while having sex (though i disagree with it) but Edc and the gals were in love then, so the gals will willingly let Edc record. Probably Edc kept them for his own pleasure but his negligence let them leaked out. So if Edc is at fault, he is in breach of negligence...
  4. sehchaiping

    sehchaiping Member

    well...everyone in the photos looked like they were aware of photos being taken....they should not have ruled out of the possibility of this happening....so shame on them...but Edison should have bought a new computer instead of taking in for repair (IDIOT)

    another note: sex is normal and celebrities are just human....so people gotta cut them some slacks and get over this.
  5. WILLard

    WILLard Well-Known Member

    both edison and the girls......the girls for letting him but mostly edison for taking the pics and not keeping it in a safe place. i mean you're taking your PC to get it fixed/looked at, of course they're gonna look around in the computer to see what's wrong. plus it's a celebrity's computer!
  6. fruiteh

    fruiteh Active Member

    i reckon we should give the guy a break
    its not like he wanted the pics to get out
    n their personal things, why would he want to intentionally harm
    those actresses and himself
    at least he was able to admit the entire thing in front of press conference and apologise
    whats done is done, apologising and keeping commitments is already pretty gud
    considering so mny ppl are taking it out on him
    i mean he's already leaving the industry what more does everyone want?
    i also agree with wat missangiecheeks sed
    the actresses probably knew they were in those pics
    in my opinion i reckon its whoever decided to leak out the photos
    was being realli selfish and stupid
  7. fruiteh

    fruiteh Active Member

    celebs r still human
    n hav rites to the own privacy
    sure their lives are seen by the public
    but personal and what they do thn its none of the publics problem or invasion
    i wish the public would stop fussing and jst let the problem die dwn quickly and silently
    its not lyk this was all an intention on it happening
    *shakes head*
    i stand by what i say shame on whoever leaked the photos out in the first place =/
  8. 3di_boi112

    3di_boi112 Well-Known Member

    So waht if he took the pics?? he never showed them and dint expect them to be on the internet. the people who put hte pics up started this whole mess. if they din't, no one would even know about the whole ordeal.
  9. ralphrepo

    ralphrepo Well-Known Member

    If one considers legal responsibility, then you're right. He wasn't legally (under the laws of present day society) at fault. However, if one's talking chain of events, none of the other choices would have matter, until Edison pressed the "record" button on his camera. So perceptually, there is a large segment of public opinion that assigns overall guilt to him. The fact that he was the prominent male, er... protagonist, didn't help his image either.

    What's odd about this whole thing, is that there was supposedly more to come from some net entity who called him (or her) self Kira. That never seemed to have occurred. Did Kira go into hiding? Was he caught by police and quietly put away? Did Kira even exist at all? Subject obviously worthy of some debate. But its fairly clear that some of the pics were video movie frame captures. That is, there's a whole lot of video missing. Did the police successfully suppress the rest, or is there another scandalous Sword of Damocles hanging over HK stardom's collective heads? Only time will tell, its been three months now and nothing new to speak of.

    What I found interesting too, was that many of HK's best and most celebrated actresses, frankly would do very poorly as porn stars. Who wudda thunk it?

  10. hiake

    hiake Vard√łgr of da E.Twin

    ^ Slightly unrelated, but social commentary all the same (on the sex scandal).

    I think one of the MAIN reason of the public outrage against Edison is that his involvement with the starlets which conveniently negated their image as the innocent girl-next-door.

    To many, the outrage is not purely moral-driven, but also jealousy-driven. And then there's the whole spoiled idol problem. To some, the image these starlets sell is their entire personality (silly, but true and applicable to many of their fans); to find out that said starlet is a human after all (with human failing of being "naive and gullible") and "OMG, they do have sex" was bursting the bubble for many of these fans. Upon this confrontation, fans have two choices: to find someone to blame for this debacle, some out-of-this-world evil "force" that tarnish the reputation of their innocent starlet; or face the fact that they got conned into believing said starlet to be oh-so-innocent when she is anything but. Most people are unwilling to admit they are stupid and got conned, so blaming Edison seems like the logical choice to make in terms of ego preservation, not to mention the fact that they get to ride the moral high horse.

    @Ralph> Something about your argument that "if Edison didn't take those photos nothing would have happened ever" can be easily negated by "if those starlets were not so gullible and consented to have these incriminating photos taken, none of these would have happened" applies similarly.

    Methink the recent uneventfulness is the calm before the shit hits the fan AGAIN. But I am just evil to think that, no?