Who's at fault in this whole sex photo scandal?

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Who's at fault in this whole sex photo scandal?

  1. Edison

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  2. The Girls

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  3. Edison and the Girls

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  4. People who put the photos on the internet

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  5. Everyone is equally at fault

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  6. Other

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  7. No comment

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  1. natnat528

    natnat528 Active Member

    why is it only edison's fault? u didnt say anyone else is to blame so im assuming u think he is to blame for all of this
  2. SUSIE-DANG-1988


    hehehehes, this gossip is going up again. was boring, cos nothing happening.
    im interested now!!! more pics and vid!! yeahhh!! GO KIRA!!
  3. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    if this is all legit, both parties are to be blamed.
  4. neko-pochi

    neko-pochi Well-Known Member

    These pics aren't recent. They are from years ago when he was going out with them. And I believe he was going out with one girl at a time. He took pics, because it was fun for him. Guess it's a lot less fun now since he got careless about it. :/ Also, since he took his laptop to the repair shop, it most likely means that his laptop was broken and he couldn't delete those pictures. Or... he deleted them or put them in somewhere secure and some guy at the repair shop hacked into it (since he's a celeb).

    The guy at the computer repair shop, the people who uploaded the pictures AND the people who are sharing them are at fault. Edison had the rights to take those pictures. The girls weren't forced (I hope so...). He got careless, but he did nothing wrong. He ain't the one who went and posted those pictures.

    I just find the public so disrespectful to Edison, Gillian, Cecilia and Bobo. If you like them, you should at least have some respect for their privacy and choose to not search, download, share and look at those pictures.
  5. robsh

    robsh Well-Known Member

    i think the pics are real, no one knows exacty but i think so
    someone must have tried to blackmail edison or really jealous about it
    its edisons fault why is he keeping all these photos
  6. 小Yu咒

    小Yu咒 ♪♪♫很可愛~♥

    pictures are snapshots from recorded MOVIES by Edison?!

    i think they r actually snapshots/pictures from recorded MOVIES. They are made by edison. BUt the pictures are SNAPSHOTS taken from the movies by those criminals..Cause of the criminal backgrounds, the ppl are all just suspecting him of blackmailing or something..But theres no 'real' evidence of it..so think those criminals just get a year of labour or jail!!

    and the girls were definitely AWARE of they were being taped!! Thats HER fault!! And his fault, cause HE was so careless about those filmed material..Still it is HER fault too, that she didnt ask him to ERASE it afterwards. Just looked it up at youtube -unsure
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  7. clevergurl55

    clevergurl55 Well-Known Member

    its everybody's fault. Although, I would like to blame this on edison though cause if he wasn't careless NOTHING would've happeend.

    According to wikipedia, he enjoys taking pictures of his girl friends and showing them to his friends! - -;;; . Oh well this will blow over just ilke that time someone took a picture of Ah gil's back when she was changing in malaysia...

    Btw I do think there's authenticity to these photos, if they were fake why is ah gil and edison hiding at home and US respectively? I know its hard to face the music but if you're right people will know..and in this case, there're more then enough believers to stand up for you if the pictures were fake>>
  8. aZn-BoNnEr

    aZn-BoNnEr Well-Known Member

    All the pics are real and it was taken from his pc when he was getting it repair. Seen most of them pics already when it first came out and most of the 1 that are still surfing online are photoshop or fake because most of the real 1s were taken down by hk police and people. -noclue

    "When Chen's computer was sent in for repairs, allegedly an estimated 1,300 photographs of numerous celebrities were found on its hard drive. A close friend of Chen was cited as saying that Edison liked to take intimate photos with his women, at least 14 celebrities, and he would show them to a select group of friends." from a source.
  9. uryu

    uryu Well-Known Member

    i mean say edison, those pics are ugly, at least the ones i've saw, why even keep them?!?!?!? geeze i hope he falls deeper then deep in his career
  10. Blobbyy

    Blobbyy Well-Known Member

    GO KIRA!!!! but i personally think that, if you have to blame this on someone, would probably be KIRA. cus he/she was the one who STOLE the pictures from edisons laptop... and further more uploaded them on the net....BUT, without kira, we would never have known that gillian and other stars are these type of people... shame on the HK stars for taking the pictures in the FIRST PLACE.... so really, equally everyones fault...

    just quite shocked how this news spread so fast.... but its news after all.
  11. adrianc

    adrianc Well-Known Member

    Edison Chen: negligent, just buy a new f@#$@# computer dude

    girls: i dont see any fault YET...have to think about it (they "gave their rights IF they consented to have the pics taken), no fault, it was a gift to edison in trust(good faith)...fault on edison if the guy had a camera hidden...Hiake?

    the upload dudes: breach of trust, invasion of privacy.

    media: if they printed the pics, then also invasion of privacy, unless you argue "freedom of speech"
  12. sikfonhupla

    sikfonhupla Well-Known Member

    ehhhhh.........they were meant to come out sooner or later after they took the photos anyways.
  13. animeblood

    animeblood Well-Known Member

    Everyone involved in this is at fault...enough said-cool
  14. hiake

    hiake Vardøgr of da E.Twin

    The thing is... if they (the stars, i.e.: Gillian and her company and whatnot) still denies that those photos are real, it's not invasion of privacy (at least not THEIRS).

    I still LOL at how all their statement doesn't match, Edison's apologies implies that those photos are real, yet EEG and Gillian (and other girls) insist that those photos are not authentic... WTF is up with that, if those photos are NOT authentic, they (in fact, nor the police) have the right to do anything... This whole thing is just a retarded mess.

    I personally don't think those camera are hidden, not in Cecilia nor Bobo's case anyways.
  15. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol, everyone is at blame =P
  16. Blobbyy

    Blobbyy Well-Known Member

    hahah, it is SOO them... the pictures are soo gillian, bobo etc... just admit it and move on. so what if u had sex with edison, we dont give a f*ck. we just want to see to entertain ourselves.
    HAHA, person to blame is the girls as well, sooner or later the pictures will leak out, its just the matter of time.. they should know better themselves.
  17. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    They're all adults wat they wana do is their own business, if they're stupid enough to take photos/let photos be taken of them, so be it. However, whoever started to post those pics obviously stole the file containing the pics from a private computer. So in my opinion the only wrong person is the one posting those pics, wat rite does he have to ruin pples lives?
  18. ashwg

    ashwg Active Member

    I agree with you in clearly explaining that everyone is at fault from Edison Chen recording w/ these females to the IT people to leaked out to the internet.

    pretty sad for the females but they should not have trusted Edison to record it. i mean look at Pamela Anderson in the U.S. when her video or pics were leaked out and other celeb photos were out. but of course it is very shocking to HK cuz rarely such thing happen over there.

    wish this issue is over soon....so lives can go on.
  19. bobbylee

    bobbylee Well-Known Member

    its really no ones fault unless there wasnt consent. did edison commit any crimes if consent was given? i think its just that asian and western lifestyles are different. so wat if edison is a player, its his life and if you want to be with him u take that risk.
  20. spookyfc3s

    spookyfc3s Well-Known Member

    i voted that edison and the girls were at fault, maybe its the media, but edison comes off as a not really a nice guy, even before this incident. the girls should have knew not to put themselves in such a compromising position.