Who wants Sonja Kwok to leave Michael Miu?

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  1. [N]

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    He might be always the "good guy" but damn always sacrificing the wifey. Leave his ass now! That sort of mentality might seem virtuous but always treating your other half as second priority fuck that ish.
  2. kevin

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    would be a good idea, seems like they will judging from the trailer for episode 24 =O
  3. snakekilla12

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    yeah she should leave him

    and jj should leave ron for me :yes:
  4. u just feel for sonija ...micheal is too nice overlooks his own family-_-
    he have too much 'yee hay' like he a gangster or something or those ancient time chars lol
  5. turbobenx

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    yea man, michael gotta look out for his wife also....It's just aint fair....
  6. sindee

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    I feel bad for Sonja too.Michael always put his family and friend at first place so being his wife sure does suck. when he took all their savings without Sonja's permission I really felt like Sonja should've give him a slap or more. -___-
  7. ralphrepo

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    Michael's character, Kwan Sifu, may think that he is caring for his family, but he is the worst kind of enabler for his sibling's many bad decisions. In effect, his repeated assistance thus prevents them from ever learning and or growing from their mistakes, since "big brother" always comes to the rescue. He himself, is also psychologically crippled by a "hero" complex, in which he is emotionally compelled to come to their aid even at his own, often substantial loss. IMHO, that entire family is in serious need of therapy. The best thing that happened was the removal of Kwan Sifu's daughter from that emotionally damaging environment.

    Should his wife leave him? IMHO, she should have been gone after the first three episodes.
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  8. kdotc

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    lol does it matteR? the show is done filming so regardless just watch it lol
  9. fafeifa

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    His last name fits him really well like the Gangster's God "Kwan Kong"
  10. [N]

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    omg paul spoke my mind! when he was presented with another opportunity to help his sis or fix relationship with wife he chose the sis! i hope she leaves him for good! and no "happy" tvb ending
  11. ralphrepo

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    What the hell are you talking about? Sonija Leaving Michael WOULD be a very happy ending, IMHO. He's an effin idiot.
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    hence the " " around happy :facepalm:
  13. june park

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    count me in
  14. lisalovlee33

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    so far, I only watched up to 26. Anyway, my prediction is that we're all will be lead to believe that Sonja and her boss are getting closer and may leave husband, but then it'll all turn out to be boss and Sonja just acting to teach Kwan Si Fu a lesson in putting her and the daughter first.. Can be some form of flashback at the restaurant where sonja and the boss cook this whole thing up.... you heard it here first! LOL.. btw, the scene in the beginning of the music shows Sonja and husband going for a hug in front of a big white house is not shown yet.. maybe he realizes he fault, get the wife back and win a lottery, get big house, happily ever after..
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    Is there any big brother like him in the real life? It's incredible...

    If I had a stupid husband like him, I have already left him long time ago.