Who Wants A Baby? - BB來了 (2018)

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    English Title:

    Who Wants A Baby?

    Chinese Title:



    Liu Chun Sek



    Ali Lee
    Chris Lai
    Samantha Ko
    Griselda Yeung
    Tsui Wing
    Claire Yiu

    An unexpected pregnancy catches couple TONG TIM-YEE (Ali Lee) and IP CHI-TING (Lai Lok Yi) off guard. They depend on their mothers for baby-sitting, but conflict ensues when the in-laws’ parenting skills are poles apart. The emotionally wrought and physically challenging experience of caring for their baby girl 24/7 leaves them no other choice but to hire an experienced confinement nanny, WONG KAI-MIU (Griselda Yeung), to help them. The arrival of her newborn forces TIM-YEE to give up her fashion career; whereas CHI-TING has to say goodbye to his relaxing and enjoyable nightlife. In order to spend more time to look after her daughter, TIM-YEE changes her career to take over a post-natal care agency. With KAI-MIU pulling a few strings, TIM-YEE gets to know many expectant couples and nannies. In her role as a new mom, she is struck with a newfound appreciation, but feels like she and her husband CHI-TING are growing apart. On top of that, she even suspects that he has an affair with his coworker bartender HUI CHING (Samantha Ko). Surprisingly, CHI-TING captivates the internet after bravely saving a child in an accident, and is dubbed the “greatest dad” ever, which makes the agency a childcare KOL, turning things upside down……

    Airing July 9th replacing Deep In The Realm Of Conscience 宮心計2. 深宮計

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    John and Ali interesting pairing
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    i think john ma needs more chances in these lead roles...hes a great actor..
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  4. shinobi

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    its actualy pretty dramatic show good acting I didnt get that from cover or trailer

    Claire Yiu's look in this hot!
  5. Jeff

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    I can see why this drama has one of the highest ratings of 2018. I can't verify if the information is true but if it is, there was a bunch of stuff you can learn from it.

    • Being a new father himself, Lai Lok Yi was the perfect male lead for this IMO. Just take a look at his IG and it's all about his baby. Maybe that's why the audience could relate to drama.
    • Tsui Wing ; isn't it hilarious that he's the brother of Lai Lok Yi again?
    • Griselda ; she did well IMO. I think she has potential to take on more bigger roles but I can see why TVB wouldn't push her anymore (age?)
    • Drama IMO was lacking a strong story / climax but I'm not sure if it was needed in this drama. Overall I enjoyed it more than I thought I would
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    Finally saw this, agree this was actually a pretty good drama. Great points in showing the things when having a baby afterwards can cause.