What is your impression so far?

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  1. EvilTofu

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    Yes the show isn't aired yet but I'll just post it here.

    You people saw the trailers?
  2. just in time ...i was craving for case series...i didnt watch Other Truth-whistle

    hopefully good cases!
  3. [N]

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    And this nigga shin don't complain its a waste of thread space for un aired stuff :facepalm:
  4. Jimmyyy09

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    it air today but not really happy about the Cast of the show. WTF TVB why the hack did you change everyone for ? I WANT BOBBY!!!
  5. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    They can name it another series but they'll be compared to Forensic Heroes. Or they can avoid the comparison between 2 series, but make people unhappy about the change of cast.

    Anyways, its ok so far! Wonder whats the ratings~ I like these types of dramas
  6. EvilTofu

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    Guess I'm too much of a fan for all the CSI Dramas so watching these HK dramas about forensics doesn't impress me at all. So I'm just wonder how the stories goes and stuff.

    For now, we can't really compare Series I and II, we have to look at it as a totally different series, just that the theme are the same.

    So far the first story is ok...
  7. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    same here but the 1st two were watchable, I'm not impressed at all with the casting for this one apart from Wayne, not sure if i'll carry on watching!
  8. So far...
    The popo are USELESS
    Maggie is so damn annoyyyyyin she pops outta nowhere with her stupid facts.... T_T
    Kate shouldnt be Madam....!!!
  9. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    the most annoying thing: when they flashback to other screen they keep making the annoying noise.

    Second annoying is the Camera skill, it keep flashing back and forth, and moving too fast..
  10. KT

    KT H E L L O K T ♥

    dude the bride died from getting shot on the arm..

    I think they're going too overboard trying to impress the audience with all it's new technology. It seems like more of those info shows to introduce/advertise stuff rather than a drama so far. I won't judge too much until the story starts developing though! First episodes are always weird :S
  11. [N]

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    Okay the first thing in this show that made me facepalm is like 10 straight flashes to the little info/badge thing that is soo corny omg i was :facepalm: the whole time...

    The the bride dying by a shot to the arm, they explained it a bit but wtf how did she died instantly from a shot to the arm and left there without ambulance care etc when there was a whole room of people there and the robbers were shot down! I don't understand that lol. Talk talk talk about tech tech tech that tried too hard to make people interested thinking its cool etc and ipad/tablet everywhere aahhhh common story is more important lmaooo if you all high tech at least make the crime scene not look amateur and corny!

    The music was completely stupid everytime damn really. First episode just corny corny corny. And don't even talk about the music video ending again.
  12. EvilTofu

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    The bride was shot through her side, which enter her arm and into her body. It's worst to get shot on the side of the body than the front or back. The bullet will most likely to cause more damage to the torso.

    I would have to agree that some of the back and forth withe camera was annoying. Lack of details...

    Maybe those people might want to watch some CSI. That's how I got so good...lol
  13. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    I like the part how they used those laser as gun shots.
  14. the intro to the chars was kind of over board... very "kwa". first case is ok.
    im guessing theres bigger names for the cases instead of reg kei leh feis (lai lok yi for first case):)

  15. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    I just watched the first ep and frankly, there was too much talking .. introducing the ballistic id machine and shit .. ah .. I don't we need to know about it .. seriously, would anyone give off this entire info just running a test .. damn it.

    Role wise, Kate and Ron . .yuck .. yeah .. a sergeant arriving in a motorcycle .. looking all cool and shit. Totally garbage man ... I think the Evidence Officer would be better playing the role of a chief .. he's too good to be playing a "ke le fai" role like this .. TVB is so fucked up with the series. How can you even compare it to 1 and 2 .. shit .. they're just using the name to cash in on fans of the series when in fact, this is totally off by far.
  16. ultim8camper

    ultim8camper Well-Known Member

    not as good as first eps of 1st and 2nd ..... and plus ... kate tsui makes my blood boil ... and her being a madam ... ARGGGHH YOU DONT SUIT AT ALL !!! .. i would say mediocre first ep
  17. Akira-

    Akira- Well-Known Member

    First ep ok, dont care if its related to FH2 or not... forgot the whole FH2 anyways haha. My last hope for a GOOD TVB SERIES this year 2011, Forensic Heroes 3 PLEASE DONT DISSAPOINT ME :/
  18. so much twist to this case :D...and lai lok yi swings both ways:kekekegay:
  19. EvilTofu

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    with that slutty lame tattoo of wings on that lower back... ain't that sweet..
  20. Aznmask

    Aznmask Well-Known Member

    Maggie spotted too much stuff and everything is very coincidence. I think it going be same like regular tvb series case..

    Nothing special.