What do you think of The Seventh Day?

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What do you think of "The Seventh Day"?

  1. Excellent, I love it. Better than "Under the Canopy of Love"

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  2. Good, i like it just the same as "Under the Canopy of Love"

    21 vote(s)
  3. Fair, similar quality to "UTCOL" not much difference

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  4. Unsatisfactory, the storyline is too typical of previous/other romance dramas

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  5. Disappointing, worse than "Under the Canopy of Love"

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  1. ashwg

    ashwg Active Member

    I think I would say Under The Canopy is better than TSD. i do like how they filmed in Japan....so pretty. i like the story line in Under The Canopy better though.
  2. kennyxiao88@hotmail.com

    kennyxiao88@hotmail.com Well-Known Member

    Probably one that I just couldn't wait until the comes out the next day!
  3. popazn

    popazn Well-Known Member

    After watching the whole series, it leaves you with something to think about....it gives you a life morale quote in the end that sorta makes you think about your life. The last few episodes really touch on the emotion side of things, and the cast really can bring out the emotion with their detailed expressions. With Niki's disease, it brings out the message about quality of living is more important than quantity. The series end with some sadness, but overcome by happiness. added with the overseas scenery, i think it is one of the best series made by TVB. A good series, just like a good movie, not only just finishes when its 'concluded', but moves you, makes a lasting impression and sends out a meaningful message that sticks in ppl's heads. TVB should take this style/trend, and make more quality series, rather than something funny in the short term but ends badly without logic.
  4. rockman3

    rockman3 Well-Known Member

    I find the beginning interesting but as things start revolving~ starting to get boring
  5. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    I'm up to chapter 7 or something (too lazy to watch series) and i think it's not bad. I'll probably finish the series soon but so far i find it good.
  6. mochi21

    mochi21 Member

    Oh I love this series more than 'Under'. I am quite disappointed how the ratings were so low because it really had a beautiful and unique storyline. Kevin and Niki's chemistry is so 'hot' and 'sweet' that they are really the 'gold boy & jade girl'. This series is so emotional and great performance to all cast. The ending is sad but, it is realistic and satisfactory.