What do you think of Forensic Heroes II's ending?

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What do you think of Forensic Heroes II's ending?

  1. Excellent, i just loved the way it ended

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  2. Good, satisfactory quality of the ending overall

    34 vote(s)
  3. Acceptable, but only average quality, some parts not so good

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  4. Unsatisfactory, overall it could have done much better that this

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  5. Bad, typical TVB ending that just leaves them room for a sequel

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  1. popazn

    popazn Well-Known Member

    What do you think of Forensic Heroes II's ending in terms of cast, acting, storyline, set? Good or bad or somewhere in between? Discuss & provide justification.
  2. x_divinity

    x_divinity Well-Known Member

    I initially thought it was exciting, especially at the beginning of the episode because it had a bit of suspense. However the appearance of Sharon was so... out of nowhere o_O Ivan's news was also unexpected since Belle cried like he died or something... Overall I thought it was okay, except it would've been cute if she ended up with Sam.
  3. itzfannie

    itzfannie Well-Known Member

    it was pretty good! i got excited when bell found out ivan finally woke up haha
  4. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    I think the ending was overkill, everyone getting together with everyone, and sharon appearing jus to give sam someone, and jus a phone call to say kevin is awake. Think they sorta concluded it so there mite not be a FH3. Dnt get me wrong, i enjoyed how the case was concluded, jus the 'happy ending' was a bit OTT
  5. bbes

    bbes Incredible

    i think that if they made another series it would be a bit boring cos they have pretty much covered most things and like they had deaths of quite a few main characters in this one so if they were to make another one it would be a bit ridiculous if more of them died lol.
  6. tien317

    tien317 Well-Known Member

    I think it was good...not rushed and quite nicely done....hope the open ending gets us to FH3 and they keep the FH2 cast with addition of Sharon...
  7. aniking_7

    aniking_7 Well-Known Member

    I watch many TVB series and this one is sort of very common ending compare to previous years this one isn't that good and the ending is like Arm Reaction 4.
  8. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    i didnt really like the whole serie.... especially charmaine >.<
    she really sux....
  9. aniking_7

    aniking_7 Well-Known Member

    The cases aren't big, shocking, or suspense at all and most of the time it talk about romance more also the adding of 2 new characters doesn't seem to do the series any good.
  10. freeminded

    freeminded Well-Known Member

    From reading all these spoilers, I think it sounds like the ending is bad. TVB just dont know how to make endings to their dramas. I guess there will be a part 3
  11. lovinglyxx

    lovinglyxx Well-Known Member

    I haven't watched FH1 so got nothing to compare it to also I don't have the problem with the "new" characters as I didn't know the old cast anyway, but I enjoyed this ending! So glad Madam Ma ended up with Ivan, and there weren't an issue with the "hing dais"- if that happened (a fight/bustup over the girl) it would have annoyed me sooooo much. Glad it's a happy ending lol, it was annoying watching what happened in Catch Me Now because of the events :(.. also glad TVB decided ONE ending for this one
  12. arizona

    arizona Well-Known Member

    I thought Sharon was pretty random- that I didn't like so much. I did like the ending overall...I was so torn at the end when Charmaine started crying, as if Kevin was dead. But it was a good surprise.
  13. olivee.a

    olivee.a New Member

    I was so scared when they had dramatic music and Bell received a call
    Hopefully there will be FH3 =)
  14. giraffe

    giraffe Active Member

    I though the ending was only okay. It was a bit cheesy with everyone running after Bell after she got the call that Ivan woke up. Could the fact that Sharon Chan made a quick appearance hint at the possibility of FH3? I'm up for another one. Maybe now that everyone's paired up, they'll go back to focusing on the cases and not so much the relationships.
  15. it was acceptable....alot of people said it was "good" i didn't think so... it wasn't bad to say the least... yea the running at the end... made me laugh out loud! i was like laughing and then "wtf?" ...

    charmaine did great in the last few scenes she proves why shes the best actress in TVB right now.

    anybody find it odd that the focus shift to charmaine? i mean shes the new to the series ...i thought they would focus on bobby/yoyo in the end since they were there from the first series... maybe it's hinting bobby / yoyo will not be in the 3rd one...if they do decide to make another sequel.

    but overall good series WAY better than the first series.
  16. Phil

    Phil 香港 PA 社團 揸Fap 人

    lol a good ending to a good start !
  17. 24hronline

    24hronline Member

    STupid & unlogic scence when a bomb placed under the chair...OMG u can move the chair out of it n throw it to the sea ...the chair IS NOT builted in...THis part really made me mad...arghhh...Noob director..The rest of the scene are quite ok..only that part..:(
  18. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    everything was ok imo...
    but i thought the ending was crap..i dont feel satisfied lol...
    didnt like how charmaine got a phone call..she got sad n started crying..i thought ivan died...lol..
    but i was like wtf..when she started runnin n everybody ran smiling..

    but w/e
  19. sirena

    sirena Active Member

    i really liked the ending...i am just worried with ivan's brain damage, that if there is a third series, then he's be disabled...but itz tvb, he could wake up perfectly fine. the onething that i find disappointing was the villian had the same mental illness as one csi villian who also thought she was pregnant but not actually. but other than that, i really hope they make a third with every cast member as they are. shows just aren't the same when they have different cast members acting as the same character.
  20. Chibi12

    Chibi12 Well-Known Member

    Agree, and didnt like how charmaine became the main character - annoying. If Bobby isnt in the next one doubt i'd b watching, though how they ruined this one, doubt id be as enthusiastic to watch the next if there is one. Unfortunately, different to your views, i prefered the 1st one, this one focused too much on relationships for my liking!