Wayne Lai Becomes Muay Thai Champion for New Role

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    After portraying an assassin in "Death by Zero" -《殺手》, 56 year old Wayne Lai's(黎耀祥) wish of more action dramas is coming true. In an upcoming drama "Fighting"-《拳王》(temporary name), Wayne will be playing a Muay Thai boxing champion. As an actor, there are many opportunities to play different types of characters roles which is one of the main reasons Wayne enjoys acting. Resting for a while after filming "Death by Zero", he is now ready to take on this new challenge and looks forward to working with Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Winki Lai (賴慰玲).

    Even though Wayne's character is a washed up champion, he has not been slacking on the training at all and has already started practising boxing with the instructor.

    "Compared with "Death by Zero", there are more action scenes, There will also be a few boxing matches which will be shot in two or three days. It's definitely not as tiring as "Death By Zero". However, I am not young anymore so I have to prepare myself properly, fortunately, I am quite athletic, I learnt karate in high school. The instructor has been teaching us basic techniques of Muay Thai, left right punches, elbow strikes and using the feet to attack. The offence,defence combos and footwork are really good. I hope that we will be able to portray the boxing as realistically and professionally as possible, it's very different from the usual street fighting."

    Training very hard, it was inevitable that it would make Wayne's previous filming injury to flare up but it did not deter Wayne from putting in 100% effort. "When you are filming, you shouldn't be afraid of getting injured, if you get hurt, you can go to the doctors to sort it out but if you are afraid, you won't be able to do anything at all. This drama gives me an opportunity to interact with Muay Thai, I'm really looking forward to working with director Andy Chan (陳耀全).The hard work is worth it!"

    Wayne also pointed out that Muay Thai is like a full body workout with focused strength exercises for the waist, hand and feet. When sparring in the ring, he was already out of breath in less than a minute. He hopes to lose 10lbs but also wants to gain some muscles, especially for his arms and chest as there will be fight scenes that require him to be shirtless. Wayne is equally confident that he will be able to regain his six pack ab muscles too.

    Due to the pandemic there are restrictions in group gatherings, so Wayne and the rest of the cast have to take it in turns attending the boxing gym. He also revealed that he will be involved in a love triangle with Elaine and Winki's characters. The character background is a bit complicated as Owen's character will mistakenly believe that Wayne killed his brother and swears revenge on him.


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