Vivien Yeo Appeared in Mermaid-like Gown at Jewellery Show

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    Actress Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) attended a jewellery commerce present sporting jewelries value as much as $1 million dollars. She additionally surprised in a stunning strapless mermaid-like gown. Vivien stated: "I’m sporting a pair of 5-inch excessive heels to match this night robe. (You need to inform your boyfriend to purchase the jewelries you’re sporting proper now as presents for you?) They’re too costly. I’m completely happy I’ve the chance to put on them for tonight's occasion."

    source : hk on cc
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    surgery FO SHO...
  3. Ya most artist have the same in mind
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    Raymond Lam had surgery. A lot of actors/actresses done at least one in their life time