Vietnamese people's handwriting

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    i'm chinese and was born in vietnam
    my handwritten sux... for real not pretty as other ppl lived in vietnam for a long time
    yes yes.. they practiced their handwriting and many are good handwriting :)
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    I love Vietnamese hand writing..
  3. *Jessica*

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    my handwriting is so so, sometime it's nice and sometime it's ugly lol
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    It's true. There's somewhat a feel of poetic and romanticism about it!
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    Yes, indeed, I have excellent handwriting myself. In fact, I won first place in all my classes.

    In Vietnam, we use fountain ink pen to write so you have to hold it at certain angle to write cursive or whatsoever and maintain the lining and print so that everything comes out even, nice, and pretty. Students get corporal punishment when they don't do well. AND yes, teachers do force you to use right hand (unless you're a rich kid). Left handed students are usually the one being made fun of at school. I dunno why!

    I am afraid handwriting nowadays in VN or any place in the world is out the window with computer. People don't write anymore. US schools don't emphasize on handwriting and even those schools that do have very poor teacher and standard. I have seen a lot of students handwriting here and they're UGLY. It's like a baby learning how to write .. alll just a bunch of scribbles. Parents keep telling me that is a doctor's handwriting but come on now, in Vietnam we call that trash and beggar handwriting.
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    It's true kids in Viet Nam are taught to write and the parents normally help them finesse it at home. That has nothing to do with the kind of government in place. However, the teaching does make everyone write neatly. The practice does. Penmanship is a sign of being well-educated. The more one writes, the better his/her handwriting. It's just a tradition that has not been uphold in these modern times where the keyboard replaces the pen -- not just in VN. Anyone looks at the writing on the US Constitution?
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    ONE OF REASONS THAT VIETNAMESE HANDWRITING IS NICE IS BECAUSE MOST STUDENTS USE fountain pens since 1st grade. Fountain pens give student more control than the other pens. Plus the students get corrected by their teacher too.
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    Thats not true I was taught to use a fountain pen in primary school when I was about 6 and I kept using one thru high school and my handwriting still sucks
  9. almost true on girls , boys dont have neat hand writing as I know
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    we are talented!