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  1. I'm from australia and i noticed many vietnamese overseas students have very nice handwriting. it's so neat and even. How is it that they all write neat?
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    soo stereotypical but yea it's mostly true but from girls only lol...
  3. lol i'm viet just born in australia xD my uncle from vietnam was surprised at my handwriting cz it wasn't as nice as his daughter's >_<
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    my parents, uncles, aunts and cousins say that they have a nice handwritting because of their hard education at Vietnam...
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    That's stereotyping, but it is kind of true, lol.
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    0's true b/c I have very nice handwriting too.
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    yea in vietnam they focus more on handwriting then on actual learning ! the government wants to limit the peoples learning so they cannot therefore exceed the gov't
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    lol my bf is half viet and he has nice handwriting- when he wants it to be :p he can write straight with no lines hahaa
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    Ha ha ha! If you wanna be at the 1st place in class when you are still in some elementary school, you MUST be the champion of hand writting, I mean your handwriting must be very very nice.
    Handwritting is one of Vietnamese tradition and culture too.
    My handwritting is very terrible, so I'm usually at the last place, hahaha!
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    It's not only the matter of your handwriting that it is good or bad, it's also the matter of the speed you write it. In VNese's schools, except for the primary school, we'd have to suffer such a lightning fast speed of the teacher's word. If we don't write it fast, we won't catch up with the lesson, and this lead to our bad marks T_T
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    I was just wondering but do they still force you to write right handed cause my dad used to tell me about when he was in school and would get hit if he used his left hand. It's funny that the only person who isn't left handed is my mother. My brotherm sister and I are all left handed like my dad
  12. lmfao i wouldnt say all vietnamese i have a friend and his writing is terrible it reallllly looks like chicken scratches......! lol
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    I still remember when I was small, 1st grade was really focus on handwriting. Teachers will hold your hands and teach you how to write. Then at home my mom is really strict about handwriting too. She will make me write a page per day with a ruler next to me (remind me not to have wrong grammars and write ugly haha). In Vietnam we have a special notebook and pen (with purple ink), the line in the notebook is very small so that help you to write neat and even ^^. We even have handwriting contest between schools. I only got to go in 3rd and 5th grade. Too bad after I came to US I use pen and pencil too much, and the different paper, my handwriting is not as nice anymore.

    I don't think all Vietnamese have nice & neat & even handwriting, only the one that actually go to school IN VIETNAM and go through the training. Mostly girl though haha, even though I have guy friends that have very nice handwriting too
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    coz they do handwriting at skool.. in primary.. like as a subject
  15. i lol'd at this comment..

    "omg all viet people have nice handwritting because i have nice hand writting."
  16. ^ yes the world revolves around hiim didn't you know? :laugh:
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    i've also noticed that vietnamese in vietnam have the nicest handwriting ever! even the guys have such beautiful writing! im jealous!! :p
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    Oh man, I fail then. I'm Viet and my handwriting is chicken scratch. It's so horrible i sometimes can't read my own handwriting lol. So sad haha
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    wow i just noticed that lol xD cause my mom is born in vietnam and her handwriting is really cool
    but lke i never checked out other vietnamese ppl for their handwriting ><
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    That's true. The reason why Vietnamese have better hand writing is that but first it depends. Second, most of them are forced to write a correct and accurate single letter in a square. If they writ shit, they would be switched by a teacher. VC countries are always like that. It always accompanies violence in education, which is not a really good system.