Veteran Actor Patrick Tse Angrily Slaps Co-Star Kenneth Tsang

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    The TVB travelogue program Four Amigos Bon Voyage <4個小生去旅行>, which stars Patrick Tse (謝賢), Kenneth Tsang (曾江), Bowie Wu (胡楓), and Joe Junior, held a press conference to promote the upcoming show earlier this week. As the press conference also coincided with Patrick’s 79th birthday, the organizers planned a birthday segment for the veteran actor.

    His three other veteran costars—Kenneth, Bowie, and Joe—happily prepared a birthday song for him. However, the happy press conference quickly turned awry when Patrick suddenly stood up angrily from his chair and slapped Kenneth, shouting expletives at the 80-year-old actor. Bowie, who was sitting in between them, tried to defuse the situation. Joe, who was sitting beside Patrick, was left in a state of shock.

    The clip showing the fight quickly became a hot topic online, and the topic trended for days. Hong Kong netizens were amused with the situation and wondered if Patrick’s angry burst at Kenneth was sincere.

    At the press conference, Patrick looked visibly upset and voiced out his suspicions at Kenneth for faking his illness while filming the show. Kenneth, who claims he had difficulty walking, was wheelchair-bound for several days during shooting.

    Patrick reportedly got angry at Kenneth for “faking his injury” and cursed at him. He went for a slap, but accidentally slapped Bowie instead, who was trying to calm Patrick down. The 83-year-old’s glasses were knocked down.

    Some Hong Kong netizens remarked that Patrick and Kenneth’s brief fight was nothing more than a promotional gimmick. On TVB’s Amazing Summer Facebook page, TVB uploaded a fake WhatsApp group chat between the four costars; the content was of Bowie complaining to Patrick for breaking his promise of not slapping his face. The post led to netizens to believe that the fight was just for promotion.

    However, Patrick and Kenneth gave very ambiguous responses to the press, leading to suspicion that the fight was not just a simple gimmick to promote the show. In a brief phone interview, Patrick said hastily, “It’s in the past already. Let’s end the call now!” Did Kenneth call him? “Why? It’s over already. I don’t remember!”

    While out to attend a dinner with some friends, Kenneth was asked if his face still hurt from Patrick’s slap. “No, but my leg hurts. I took medication already.” Asked if Patrick had called him in the last few days, he said, “No. I’ll rather see him in person now! Hopefully I’ll bump into him. Let’s shake hands and call it a day!” Did Patrick really slap him? “No, but he did hit Bowie Wu. He only grazed me a little.”

    Kenneth said in a later, more detailed interview that he was shocked that Patrick reacted in the way he did. “We’ll always be friends though,” he added. Asked if Patrick’s surprise outburst was a tactic to promote the show, Kenneth laughed and said, “I hope it was! Haha!”

    Kenneth then admitted that Patrick did not invite him to a dinner gathering to celebrate the show’s premiere on August 17. Asked if Bowie, the middle man, was hurt in their fight, Kenneth said, “I asked him, and he said he was fine. [Patrick’s] slap was not that strong.”

    Joe Junior said he was in complete shock at Patrick’s outburst. “We are all good friends. Harmony is a virtue. When we were in the recording studios that day, we all got along well and chatted happily. At first, I thought [the fight] was fake.”

    Asked the producer if TVB will clarify Patrick and Kenneth’s relationship to the public, producer So Man Yee (蘇敏儀) said, “No. This is a travel program. The show will go on air as originally scheduled and planned.”

    Creds: Oncc
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    Great start to the show. :evil4: Unless scripted ofc
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    Saw the clip, poor Wu Fung got caught in the middle ~ and his glasses even got knocked off....
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    With all those swearing coming out of Patrick Tse's mouth I thought I was watching Young & Dangerous ( 古惑仔).

    Anyway, many believe this was all a TVB publicity stunt for their new show,

  5. Phoenix

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    Well afterwards, Wu Fung was saying that normally Patrick and Kenneth are like best buddies~ seems like there's more that meets the eye...

    Because Wu Fung was saying to the reporters ~ if you think its real, then believe it's real then.....hmmmm
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    What.....seriously, who gave him the right to slap someone? No manner,seriously....
  7. Phoenix

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    Lol because he don't have time for BS haha, he's got that 作風 about him ~ very straightforward....
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    Hmmm.....i think everyone knows his 作風 but still, i think it is very unrespectful. Especially doing that in front of all these reporters....:smh:
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    Patrick Tse is known to have some attitudes...

    He still dates girls younger than his daughter...naughty mofo is just all about himself...
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    If it is true, then come on dude. You're a grown ass man and you're starting a public fight?

    I watched the episode of Big Boys Club, and they mentioned Tsang being on the wheelchair. Wu Fung did not seem to mind. I guess if you're at that age, then you want everyone to go to have fun and usually don't mind if someone is on the wheelchair.

    But if it's a publicity thing, then wtf :facepalm:
  11. Phoenix

    Phoenix *~Though she be but little, she is fierce~*

    Salty old man who still got his mojo? :lol:
  12. xaznxryux

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    I'm with you on this one...Patrick's always been a dick, which is why he is disliked by so many...he loses his temper way too much for someone who has that much experience in the entertainment business
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    Haha and Patrick is always wearing shades too haha...Hope Nic doesn't get like this when he gets that old....Does look a bit scripted though.
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    noticed all 3 guys names are just 2 letters?
  15. Tony

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    To be honest I thought he was getting alzeimers and started mood swinging into arm swinging.
  16. hilarious:rofl:bet his temper was crazy when he was young
  17. ralphrepo

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    Not too sure what the law is in HK; but in the US, just on the strength of the video alone, police would have enough evidence to charge him with battery, even if the victim chose not to file a complaint.
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    Who does he think he is slapping someone like that? :wot: Nicholas must be real proud :shifty:
  19. For like 80 years old, he's got some temper. He's gonna get himself killed by a clogged artery or something.
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    hey grandpa, (1) cut off that ponytail. you look like an idiot. (2) act like a grandpa before you die of heartattack!