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    Well, this two episodes were fair enough. As the second episode of it was so horrific and nasty. Growing up watching movies relating to vampires or the name that always comes into your mind when you hear vampires.. Dracula, I would probably think there's such people that are vampires. In which they set forth at night, in search for their food.. blood. But back to the second episode.. that guy actually drank blood in his free will, that he thinks he needs but also that doctor had check him up to only find out he has no problem.. like wtf? I mean, I can understand why vampires would do it but for a normal human to drink blood.. :ugh2:.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
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    I've always loved anything to do with vampires but there really in no proof that they really exist movies portray them. But IMO i think they could exist in some way or another however that's just me being hopeful cuz i've alway thought of them to be really cool and sexy ;-)
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    ^ Haha, cool and sexy? Shit, they be cool to me but not sexy.. plus I'd be scared and shit in my pants if I saw one near me. They're gonna suck my blood away, LOL!
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    I heard blood isn't really good for the human body. Its a nauseating agent.

    I don't understand how a normal human could love to drink blood