USB Tilt and Pan Camera Project

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    as the title suggests. im working on a project at the moment and i need to find a camera with tilt and pan. or a motorised tilt and pan mount for my own webcam. i have a logitech pro 9000

    the more difficult part is finding an open source one popular enough to have guides online to program myself through matlab, c, java or another code that wont take too long to learn.
    soemthing maybe similar to this
    but not so expensive. postage to here is $100 -.-"
    (australian website if possible)

    i know many ip cameras have this built in but i need an open source one i can program myself(possibly control using a website: java?).

    any suggestions for usb cameras with tilt/pan or tilt/pan mounts would be great.

    Edit: i ended up getting that usb tilt and pan for $200 -.-" i dont have the time to make my own. waiting on delivery now.
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