TVB Awards 2020 Winners

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    Best Series

    "Al Cappuccino"

    Most Popular Short Series
    "Hong Kong Love Stories"

    Best Actor
    Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks 2020")

    Best Actress
    Sisley Choi ("Legal Mavericks 2020")

    Most Popular TV Male Character
    Owen Cheung ("Al Cappuccino")

    Most Popular TV Female Character
    Katy Kung ("Hong Kong Love Stories")

    Best Supporting Actor
    Bak Biu ("Hong Kong Love Stories")

    Best Supporting Actress
    Winki Lai ("Al Cappuccino")

    Most Improved Male Artiste
    Brian Chu ("Airport Strikers", "Al Cappuccino", "Go! Go! Go! Operation C9")

    Most Improved Female Artiste
    Angel Chiang ("Al Cappuccino", "Hong Kong Love Stories", "Solo World")

    Most Popular TV Partnership
    Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung & Brian Chu ("Al Cappuccino")

    Most Popular Series Song
    凡人不懂愛 ("The Exorcist's 2nd Meter") - Hubert Wu

    My Favourite TVB Drama (Malaysia)
    "Al Cappuccino"

    My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role (Malaysia)
    Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks 2020")

    My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role (Malaysia)
    Katy Kung ("Death by Zero")

    Best Host(s)
    Pakho Chau & Benjamin Yuen ("The PakhoBen Outdoor Show")

    Best Non-Drama Programme(s)
    "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2020", "Life on the COVID Map", "Scoop", "See Me Fly Again" & "Happy Dinner Together"

    Achievement Award
    "Lo and Behold"

    credits: hyn5
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  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    • "Most Popular Short Series" - Was this always an award or they just made it just to give it to this drama? Heard good things about HK Love Stories though, even getting 2 more seasons
    • "Best Actor" - Congrats to Vincent. Guess the rumors of LF returning to TVB in exchange for the TV King was false lol.
    • "Best Actress" - Haven't watched Legal Mav 2020 yet but I liked her in LW3. She came a long way since her first series where I found her annoying (the biking show).
    • "Most Improved Male" - This guy finally getting recognition. Personally I like Mark Ma as well. I could see Karl Ting winning this award in the next few years since he seems to be heavily promoted among the new people.
    • Katy Kung - Been a few years since she won her last award but seems like she renewed her career again this year
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  3. ab289

    ab289 Well-Known Member

    At least, I can relate to some of these awards - unlike when, what's her name - Kevin Cheng's wife, won most improved on her 2nd series.
    Also, Samantha Ko didn't win anything. I thought for sure TVB will give her something like Kevin Cheng's wife.

    I thought Katy Kung would win from that assassin series; not HK Love Stories. I thought she had good performance in the assassin - she was so crazy.
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  4. crasianlee

    crasianlee Well-Known Member

    Agree, especially all the work that they put in it...too bad the Death series didn't win.