TVB airs pre-recorded anniversary gala

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    Despite cancelling its live event, TVB successfully aired its annual anniversary gala on 19 November, albeit it being a pre-recorded one.

    As reported on Mingpao, the event, which was hosted by Liza Wang and Carol Cheng, was attended by more than 160 artistes including its biggest stars like Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee, Moses Chan, and Nancy Wu.

    The event went on for two hours and was filled with various song and dance performances. Joel Chan and Kayee Tam performed the theme song for "Barrack O'Karma", Grace Wong performed a sexy dance accompanied by male dancers, while Kelly Cheung performed splits on an aerial hoop. Mandy Wong performed a dance number with fellow actor Lai Lok Yi.

    Beauty queens Hera Chan, Kayan Choi, and Sharlene Wong also had their own aerial performance, while Samantha Ko performed a traditional ribbon dance accompanied by her Miss Hong Kong sisters.

    It is also noted that there was no cake cutting ceremony that was usually graced by TVB Chairman Charles Chan and the top management.

    At the end of the show, the two hosts expressed their hope that Hong Kong will regain its peace and order.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Nov 21, 2019.