Triangle - 铁三角 [2007]

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    Director: Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, Johnny To
    Released Date: 1 November 2007


    Louis Koo
    Simon Yam
    Sun Hong Lei
    Kelly Lin
    Lam Ka Tung


    Life has not been kind to Sam (Simon Yam), Fai (Louis Koo) and Mok (Sun Hong Lei) as they struggle to make ends meet. Routine visits to bars seems to be their only way out of their miseries. Until a stormy evening when a mysterious old man appears before them with a tip: An ancient treasure is buried under the high security Legislative Building. All they have to do is sneak in and retrieve it if they believe his story.

    Sam, Fai and Mok agreed to make a run for the treasure to test their fate. What they uncovered is beyond anything they expected: An ancient coffin containing a ceremonial robe made of gold! According to Mok, who deals with antiques, the robe is worth millions. The thought of getting rich puts the three men..............


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    My Review

    This movie was dircted by 3 directors, each one direct for 30 mins part. So if you notice it carefully the tone of movie changed every 30 mins

    ** Spoilers begin ** I use white text , so drag mouse on it if you wanna see

    First part: Tsui Hark
    -Sam (Simon Yam), Fai (Louis Koo) and Mok (Sun Hong Lei) struggle to find money to pay debt/ improve quality of their lifes.The triad gangsters are ordering Fai to do an illegal job.But they find mystery old man who suggest them sth which bring them to rob ancient treasure buried under the high security Legislative Building instead.
    -However, Sam's wife, Ling (Kelly),has affair with A bad cop, Wen(Lam Ka Tung), who use his power to control Louis secretly.So Wen knows this robbery plan
    -Also the gangsters still force Fai to do as they planned before so Fai trick gangsters & Wen to fight against each other.Finally one of triad gangsters dies

    Second part: Ringo Lam
    -The ancient treasure was precious golden robe
    -Three group of people :1) Sam, Fai & Mok is trying to sell it as best price 2) Wen uses Ling to where the robe is hidden 3) The remained triad gangsters are finding Fai & Wen for revenge
    -Finally Wen gets it without reluctance to hurt Ling

    Third part : Johnnie To
    -Sam, Fai, Mok & Ling follow Wen to a small food shop to get the robe back
    -A cop notices them cause Fai did something weird when they are following Wen so he follows them
    -Triad gangsters visit the food shop to sell drugs
    ~So Robbers, Bad Cop, Good Cop & Triad gangsters are gathering at the same place ~ ^^"

    ** Spoilers end **
    sorry I will not tell you who finally get it cause the last 10 mins is climax

    In General
    part1 = thriller/drama part 2 = drama/action part3 = comedy/thriller

    This movie is good cause all 3 parts can be connected smoothly.Some criticized that Johnnie To part is the best.For me the last 30 mins is best cause the script let it be.However, the casts' skills are shown more in part 1 & part 2 also many important (co-incident) plots occured in these parts bring us to the resolution in last part perfectly. While part 3 make me laugh & pay attention most!!!

    Casts' actings
    I think the most prominent role is Sam by Simon Yam cause his character is complex.At first we think he is such a loser but after story goes on his character is mysery (did he kill his ex-wife?), maybe he is not that weak that we think

    2nd favorite is Ling by Kelly Lin every actions of her is striking & unexpected

    Louis Koo's & Lam Ka Tung's acting are good as they were. However, their roles can be replaced by other actors (sorry but this is true, handsomeness is useless in this movie)

    Sun Hong Lei's scenes are less than others' so there is limitation for me to criticize him.

    Conclusion =4/5 stars
    -I think this is a good movie to watch due to its script & style
    -Do not expect " Louis The Hero " if you need that watch Election II instead
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    Is that movie good?
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    It was okay but kinda stupid in the end.
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    i think its good movie though with three directors in
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    does anyone know who rapped the ending credits song? its a rap song, I wanna know who rapped it. thanks
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    wow for the directors. is this any good considering the quality of its directors?