Too bad Linda Chung is portrayed that way..

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    Too bad Linda Chung is portrayed that way..
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    her nose is ugly in this show agree or disagree and wai?
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    LOL @ mr. miu saying he is POKE GUY.

    of course her nose is ugly. she was never pretty, but her acting performance is one of the better ones.

    u dont get the point. they made her look stupid in that they used her to sell her body, but then twisted the plot in that it was a repayment of the great deeds she's received.. regardless. the role in itself hurt her clean cut image. i've watched her from the beginnings, when she was doing hula hoops on TVB. go search that!
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    beginnings? when was the beginnings? beginnings of tvb? wuh?

    oooooooooohhhhhhhhh nowwww i get it now that you completed your sentence oh my gawd i forgot i can read minds soo dumbbb laaa..
  5. i think its good role it opens up discussion to if shes right or wrong
  6. Espresso

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    LOLZ.. Not sure if you're serious.

    Linda's image was always clean cut. For her to play this role, and for her to be in the situation she is in, it speaks a lot about her image. Do you really think actors/actresses that play villians are viewed with an unbiased POV? I don't think so. Again, yes, I have followed and seen LINDA before she grew up being an actress for TVB. I recall her coming onto the show, doing hula hoops. Go search for it, if you can. She looked SO SO young back then.

    Anyhow, my point is the same.
  7. Espresso

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    There's no doubt that what she did WAS WRONG. But for the plot to portray her as a 'martyr' is ridiculous and absurd. I'm just disagreeing w/ the plot. Through the first 17 episodes or so, the story plot was acceptable, and it made logical sense. But when you find out about the climax between Michael Tse & Linda Chung, you begin to wonder how absurd it really is.

    The justification for infidelity was because Linda felt like she had to 'repay' the deeds Michael did for her. But this was not the case at all. All along, she thought of his intentions to be genuine. But even as she discovered his desire for her, she stood strong. For some reason, the plot turned 180 and she fell for him, and the reason was because she felt obligated to satisfy the deeds she had received from him?!

    LOLZ Just saying. Sorry, too critical. ahahha.
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    Not in a million years. I think she's the worst actress in the entire series. Come to think of it, she was actually bad in almost every series.
  9. turbobenx

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    I...Hate......Her.......Voice.........her acting is OKAY....i wouldnt be praising her.....
  10. you and her fans will understand lol...she's a actress and will take on different roles in the future ...thats how you show growth. :p

    i have no problems with Linda's acting as long as she keeps the crying to a minimal lol

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    yeh i agree, normally you feel sad when someone cries, but for some reason, i just want to slap her when she cries. She has the most annoying cry ever!

    And I hate her character to be honest...
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    I think the relationship between Michael and Linda is a good side plot, one of the more original plots you find in tvb series.

    I think their relationship is not one based on Linda repaying Michael. That's just what Linda is saying, her excuse for sleeping with Michael and betraying Ron. Undeniably, she had feelings for Michael from the very start. When Ron was too focused on trying to ear money for their future, as opposed to paying attention to Linda at the present. She tried to deny her feelings for Michael and hide it (the scene where she goes, you can't do this, you have a boyfriend, you have Ron). But those feelings were clear when she was crying in his office, thinking that he died.

    I think its fair to say the feelings between Michael and Linda are true. It would be nice to see their relationship develop, but I doubt tvb will do that - it will cause too many complaints :p Since Michael is married.
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    I think tvb needs to cut linda and myoli out. They are both annoying. Linda takes the cake she is ugly and with raspy voice.
  14. dreyvii

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    She did try portraying different roles, like in Journey Called Life, and The Gem of Life. It's about time she shed her goodie two shoes role and prove what she can do. I enjoy her acting. I just want to see her as more versatile
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    linda cries in like every show she's in from what i can remember.. kinda annoying -.-''

    it's like ooo linda's in this.. crying time -.-''