Tony Leung in Squid Games 2?

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    Carina Lau has got fans excited by sharing several new photos of her and husband Tony Leung meeting up with "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong-Hyuk.

    The actress, who is also Tony's current manager, sparked speculations about a collaboration between the two parties on 10 October, when she posted a series of black and white photos of Tony and Hwang sitting at a table together, with the actor explaining things to the Korean director.

    "Ready for Squid Game?" she asked, and tagged the official Instagram account of the Netflix show as well.

    Soon after, she posted another series of photos of her and Tony with Hwang, writing, "Let's play Squid Game!"

    Fans went mad at seeing the couple with the Korean director together, with some expressing hope that the two giants will work together in the second season of "Squid Game".

    "Is this for real? He will be in Squid Game? Omg I just can't wait for second season!" said one netizen.

    "Please please please be on Squid Game. The both of you, and be villains. This will be epic," said another.

    Meanwhile, others are not very keen on seeing the award-winning thespian in a Netflix show, with one netizen commenting a simple, "Nooooooooo", while another posting, "Awful show."

    It is noted that in a previous interview, Hwang stated that he hopes to add more big names in season two of the hit Netflix show, naming A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio as an example.

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  2. KilaKilaGirl

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    This is interesting... first season was okay but don't see how it was like crazy popular, just a typical korea series.
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  3. Jeff

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    I still have to watch the first one lol
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  4. crasianlee

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    Same haha, I didn't watch season 1 either, would I have to?
  5. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I think they'll bring the survivors back.. whoever those are. I mean I want to watch it, I'm not avoiding it.. just haven't had the time