Tony Hung announces wife's pregnancy at their wedding

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    Tony Hung recently announced that he and wife Inez Leong are having a baby.

    As reported on Oriental Daily, the TVB actor shared the good news on 11 July during their wedding at the Rosewood Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, saying that Inez is currently four months pregnant with their first child.

    It was stated that Inez will be giving birth some time in December, and that they have been planning to have a child together ever since Tony proposed back in February.

    "I want to be a good father. It's time to build a family," he said.

    On the other hand, the actor dismissed rumours that the wedding was a seven-digit affair, saying that no matter the cost, it was a good one.

    credits: yahoo
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    That's a d*** move. Announcing pregnancy during the wedding, embarrassing the wife and her family. Give the impression of get married because knocked up. What an a-hole.
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    Most people get marry nowaday were due to pregnancy coercion. Tony might did this on purpose to tell people that I wouldn't have marry her if I didn't get her pregnant. Or, there is a possibility that he can't lie anymore because people will know anyways because of her belly bulge. You know netizens are very good in digging the truth.