Three members of the boy group were terminated for playing 4P video exodus

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    The 4P video of three members of the Chinese hip-hop group "8MILE KIDZ" and a young woman was circulated on the Internet recently. In the film, a man shouted "8 mile ganggang" during the "multiplayer sport", which made netizens It was guessed that they were members of 8MILE KIDZ, and it was later confirmed that they were Manliu, Leonardo da Vinci and Leyon B in "8MILE KIDZ". Two of them were underage and one was just 18 years old.

    The group’s boss, Ye Nan, issued a statement for the second time. In the first statement, it was revealed that he had taken three members to explain to the police about the film’s leak and other events. Take a warning, and will conduct a comprehensive education . The second statement indicates that the contract relationship with the three members of the 4P film has been terminated.

    The members of "8MILE KIDZ" exploded 4P videos, and they have personally come to the case to explain. (Taken from Weibo)
    However, because the video is still circulating on the Internet, it has caused heated discussions among netizens. Among them, the mother and girlfriend of the underage member Wanliu pleaded for him, hoping that the public can forgive them who are young and ignorant.

    Wanliu's mother posted a message saying that she felt very sad to learn about her son's film, and personally took her son to surrender and be investigated. Wanliu’s mother said, “If you do something wrong, you must bear the consequences. This is my firm attitude as a parent” and apologized to the public for his son’s actions that “affect social public order and good customs.” Wanliu’s mother said that the film was shot. Before his son signed into the company, he also apologized to the company. Wanliu's mother also asks everyone to stop distributing videos.

    And Wanliu's girlfriend also interceded for him. Some netizens questioned "Are you all playing different things? Can you continue to support it if you are like this?" Wanliu's girlfriend responded that the film happened before the two fell in love, but Wanliu did not after the date. I've done things I'm sorry to her, and he's a responsible boyfriend. She also revealed that she had talked to Wanliu about the film in detail, frankly that Wanliu did make a mistake and was young and ignorant, but she also said bluntly: "If you keep holding on to what others have admitted to wrong, is it necessary?"

    However, netizens don’t pay for the love of their mothers and girlfriends. Why didn’t they come out and apologize, "Hiding behind my mother, are you worthy of your parents!"
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