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    Just watched this shit and caught up, defnitely wayyyy better than that yes sir no sir crap for sure. Decapitated heads and rape and lots of kissing, definitely pissing the see lais and conservative people off which is nice. More violence than usual even though still pg violence is pretty nice. I dig this bitch. By the way sire ma's character is messed up as hell not because she was raped and her parents were killed or she turned evil but because how messed up and unnatural these things come together, i don't see where her character is going and the way she acts does not make it believable.
  2. and that concludes the series.. wow.. I thought it was going to last till 40ep.. but it didn't and that explains why the series went down hill so fast..

    I couldn't stand the ending performance these female characters gave.

    The queen talking the princess to stay.. gringe.. and she got wacked in the head.. I had to give that 'lo pei' props. And how come the lo pei just ended up hooking up with Michaels assistant.. :facepalm:

    The ninja chick.. wow.. I like how they tried to give some type of personality when she had the general captured.. but then after that another straight scene.. and she's nowhere to be found lol. End of series.. sorry you're leaving your ass out the finally cause your character was not interest whatsoever.. and we can't figure out how we'd give you some type of love interest.

    What else.. I dunno.. really felt let down... gonna have to pass on the next ancient series unless tvb come up with something different.
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    Ending was alright straight end, not one of those jump off a cliff and suddenly pop up still alive somewhere in the end trying to make it a mysterious ending.
  4. lol who would come back to live? I'm glad most of them died.. lol..

    mainly the important people showed up in the end..

    and that general.. so emotionless throughout the series.. :facepalm:
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    Was interesting at first but got boring the more it went on, standard tvb for this type of series, good performances from the male cast but Sammul again gets really boring character, needs better asap, hate to say this but Kate was the best out of females, can't believe it, not that there was much competition.

    I think Macy could have been being the best if she had gotten a better role, instead like the ninja girl, very pointless characters, one person I would rather not see again but most likely will is the princess, her voice is annoying, despite the problems this still held my interest more than grace under fire and yes sir, no sir, only just.

    Tvb really needs to spend more money on production, scripting and locations, almost always the same clothes, same locations, low budget.

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  6. wow.. took the words right out of my mouth..

    But seriously tho.. TVB so focused on just churning out all these series that they don't even bother putting all those things into consideration. Just mostly get the cute young artists out there for exposure.

    Or they need some new script writers... very disappointing along with Grace Under Fire.. strong story and opening.. then half way through the series just drags on and finally takes a complete dive.