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  1. kevin

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    I'm having a feeling that Michael will betray Joe after he becomes king because of the attitude he had with the princess (Elanne). It could be that he is getting every one to think he is the 'original' Michael that we saw in the first episode (when he had his memory/working for Joe). However, knowing Michael and his role it could be that he would try and do something unexpected.
  2. yea.. it's def. going to be interesting. obviously if he sticks with the king, we all know the joe wouldn't let him off the hook. And I saw this tvb promo they had for the series.. stupid girl who plays the mongolian girl revealed that Sammul is actually a 'tai gam' so that's gonna a bit weird..
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    Macy Chan isnt stupid............that's alittle harsh.
  4. lol like I said.. I don't know any of these new comers.. so they're all stupid to me..

    there's like at least 4 girls I can't stand to look at in this series..
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    one question, do u think michael tse going to be on who's side?
  6. I'd say he'll be with the king... he seems righteous enough
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    wow ecko its been awhile since youve watched tvb aint it..??..finally dropped them stephen chow flicks...???...-tongue2
  8. kevin

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    I think i've seen her in another series before cos I recognise that name.

    For me it's that assistant girl (the one from O.L Supreme) and lol you foreals Sammul is an eunich o_0 no wonder why in his role he speak so calmly but he shouldn't be because his only a helper and not those people in the uniform you get me.

    The king but it's hard to say. Hopefully they make an alternate ending to this series like what they done to D.I.E 2 (bobby au yeung appeared as a cameo haha)
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    really? i thought everyone knew who Sammul's role was...

    Ma Sam Bo = Zheng He the eunuch who was in the famous Ming 7 Voyages

    though as much as i like Macy and Sire Ma, their role sucks as much as Elanne
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    I'm not good with chinese dynasty (?) history =( I like reading your posts regarding the history though, it's an interesting read.

    Ah that's her name, Sire Ma. She's so evil and I believe Michael is 'using' her to get Elanne (princess) angry, an example is when he said they will get married.
  11. xaznxryux

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    yeh Sire Ma's smile is so forced in todays episode, the part where shes trying to get Elanne jealous
  12. kevin

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    The part about "ah Michael coughed, so make this soup for him". Her acting needs huge development, I don't like her acting that much.
  13. yes.. you finally dropped your pants? :p

    The names sound familiar enough to me, but I don't know all too much about chinese history.

    yea.. there's no way he's gonna get with Sire.. you wouldn't think she'd be that evil after being raped.. I mean the perp is dead already..

    and yes.. that 'lo pei' for the princess... god ever since... forgot what modern series.. could not stand her..
  14. lol do people just carry around a pack of rat poison so freely everywhere they go..

    damn I kinda figured the sister might try to get revenge for her.. but didn't figure she'd side with the 'gum yi wei' former leader..
  15. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Things are starting to get interesting now, especially seeing the preview for the next episode.

    Sammul reveals he is an eunuch to ABC (can't remember her name but she was in D.I.E2, anyone know?) and she hates to know the fact that they can't be together. Joe's mum died, the kings girl dies and lots more!
  16. Damn I dunno why you watched the preview.. considering have to wait past the weekend in order to see the episode. Feels a bit dragging on now for me. It was really interesting in the beginning seeing 'Ngo Siu Fung' n 'Ma Sam Bo' solving all of these mysteries and using their wits. But now.. I dunno.. doesn't have much going for it..
  17. xaznxryux

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    lets see how close to history the series is next week...i dont want to be disappointed

    ok actual history

    Yong Le (Joe Ma) wins the war in 2 years, JianWen "supposedly" dies in the fire in Nanjing (I think will be true by Eps 26)
    Yong Le moves capital to BeiJing (Forbidden City and capital of China starts HERE) (I don't think they will show this in the series)
    Ma Sam Bo was given the name Zheng He by Yong Le then going on the 7 Voyages (Pretty sure will be shown sometime after 26)

    >>Story goes YongLe send Zheng He for the 7 Voyages to find JianWen (Not confirmed by history), finds him but lets him go
  18. How many episodes is left? I thought it was 40 ep... damn doesn't sound like there's going to much interesting events going down..
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    Series have alright to keep you going but the martial arts are a bit tad lame... so slow and routined it's like it's from the 80's.
  20. kevin

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    Well after reading the news article for the spoilers (ending) it sounds pretty good.