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  1. What are your guys n gals thoughts so far?

    Damn just finished ep. 16 pretty tragic. I still think Michael Tse's assistant is gonna betray him after what happened first time he couldn't be with girl. So, what do you guys think the monks motive is when he keeps saying the 4th prince is going to king. Also, what will happen with the brothel girl when she got the split personality and hooking up with the guard and the prince.
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    the monk later on will become Chu Dai's (Joe Ma) strategist. He is a real historical character. He is a poor man > monk > political strategist.

    As of the series, I'm kind of bias because I've always been a fan of historical series. Though this series did make one giant mistake. When they talked about Princess Wing Yeung (Elanne Kwong)'s childhood, they portrayed her as a rich child.

    Historically, Zhu Yuan Zhang rose from poverty so therefore, would not make his children poor. To be exact, he was poor > monk > red turban (or white lotus i dont remember) rebellion, became general and leader

    so during the time of the rebellion against the Yuan dynasty, I do not think he would've been rich enough to support his family. Not to mention more than half of his children didn't exist until the Ming was established

    anyhow Im anxious to see who raped Sire Ma =P, her character seems to be always getting raped from start to now =\
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    I believe so too because one of those assistant sort of 'trapped' Michael into a fake face so that Michael's assistant think that Michael and the girl had sex (when Michael brought her to his room) but in fact Michael was teaching her defensive moves. The other time was todays episode, you could tell from his eyes, he was angered by the rejection hence why it leads me to a conclusion that he won't be loyal to Michael (even when he lost or regain his memory)

    That Monk is dodgey, I wanna clothesline him (okay not really, just saying lol). He just disappear, especially when Joe turns his back. I think he is one of those people that will become handy to Joe Ma so he could take the King's position (Joel).

    I don't think Kate Tsui really had affections with the guard, it was only made (the scene) to get Michael thoughts. With the mirror reflection talks it seems that evil Kate do like the prince but there was a controversy when she woke up in the middle of the night and started to search the draws, was she trying to find something to betray him (Joe)? We will soon find out.
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    i think it's Michael Tse's assistant...he seemed pretty piss off when she rejected him...that's my guess...but ya..i enjoy this series...i still can't figure out whether the 4th prince is good or evil...cause at the end of episode 15...after he read that secret note....he had this evil grin on his ya...kind of confused...O_O
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    the ad cut scene shows Joe Ma wearing the king clothes lol... obviously hes gona be king

    and the start song says joe ma wants his ground back anywayz... "成敗瞬間 隻手風雨翻 虧欠我江山 你總要奉還" :D
  6. lol yes yes.. we all know he's going to be king. Damn azn digging in with the historical facts. I just hope nobody sees this without having caught up to episode 16.

    But the assistant.. that would make it seem way too obvious. It's probably the guy who was trying to rape her at first but failed. The assistants going to blame Michael for not looking after her.

    Oh and whats up with TVB.. hahah always playing that fuckin' arab music when there's about to be a sex scene -lol you guys know what I'm talking about? :facepalm:
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    i think this is just the beginning for Sire Ma. She's gonna be rape 20 more times.
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    what can I say, im in love with Chinese history so i know things here and there, its not like TVB will follow actual history, they love twisting stories =P

    and i dont think its michael's assistant, too easy...i think its someone in Gum Yee Wai, just not Michael's assistant. However, i think its the person that tried to rape her before but failed came to finish the job
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    Well, history said the 4th prince will go for the throne at Jian Wen 4th Year. For better or worse, he is going to be emperor through rebellion and war. He was so angry and despise Emperor Jian Wen and he burned and eliminated all the historical track of him. He basically try to erase Emperor Jian Wen from history by naming his dynasty as Hong Wu 32nd year. Hong Wu is his dad where his dad's reigned until 31st. Hence, the name of the show.

    Anyway guys, if you go through briefly all the emperors in the history of China, most emperors are evil. They killed a lot of people and betray many people that put trust on them.
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    although true, YongLe emperor (Chu Dai or Joe Ma), did indeed rebel within 4 years and tried to erase JianWen emperor from the history books. No historical records show that he despised him. As history said, he was threatened when he and the other prince were separated and most of them stripped of military power. Although in human nature, anyone would be pissed if your father chose a grandson to succeed him and not you (a son)

    and just because emperors betray their followers does not make them evil.

    Liu Bang of Han eliminated most of his generals/political advisors when he ascended the throne. Emperors thought that people who help fight wars might one day have too much power to overthrow them.

    KangXi eliminated Obi (the head of the 4 protectors during his teenage reign) and Wu San Gui (who opened the gates for the Qing)

    Tang Tai Zhong of Tang killed his brother and his subjects in order to gain the throne

    indeed some emperors becomes tyrants but some who ended up killing trusted people were not evil. Like this series, before Hong Wu died, he told Joel Chan along the lines and I quote "imagine this court is a stick filled with thorns, im eliminating them so in the future you can rule without trouble". Sometimes theyre dont to ensure long term peace in the country.

    O and side note: if you search Hong Wu 32, i think it will lead you back to this series and not the actual history. Whether Yong Le changed the reign to Hong Wu 32 is not clear. Unless we find the YongLe encyclopedia (which was destroyed or pieces ended up in different hands)
  11. lol damn everyone keeps saying that girl is gonna get raped left n right.. what a crappy ass role she signed up for
  12. alright jus finished 17.. I guess all is revealed. They don't really keep you in suspense for long in this series.. lol. Everything pretty much explained now up till this point.

    oh and.. damn that girl is fast lol
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    yeh i just finished eps 17 as well...and for some reason i am disappointed in this episode

    Sire Ma's acting in this episode it just so...bad, and I was just saying how good she was on the other threads too. Shes so stiff in this episode, and towards the end the whole episode was just funny
  14. lol she's new to me.. so yea.. her acting n looks ain't all that good..

    and what.. that bitch is crazy!
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    haha I know right but it's nice to read =)
    I never thought about that.

    Good job in writing in the chinese history, it's fun to read and know more about the chinese history =) Yes TVB likes to be 'creative' lol.

    She probably wants publicity.

    Haven't you seen OL Supreme? She's new I think but she needs to improve on her cantonese+acting.


    Anyone know the theme on episode 18, 33:40. This theme was played on earliers eps also. They use this theme a lot in TVB series (ancient). They used this theme music on a cooking series with Bobby Au, can't rmbr english name but the chinese name is Gum Yok Morn Tong.
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    Anyone know the theme on episode 18, 33:40. This theme was played on earliers eps also. They use this theme a lot in TVB series (ancient). They used this theme music on a cooking series with Bobby Au, can't rmbr english name but the chinese name is Gum Yok Morn Tong.[/QUOTE]

    The song is called "Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spice" (甜酸苦辣) by Roman Tam. It was used as the opening theme in TVB's Happy Ever After aka Gum Yuk Moon Tong
  17. wow.. now's starting to get interesting..

    can't believe what happened to Kate Tsui.. I wonder if her sister is gonna take her place now.
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    me too, the story just took a huge turn, I want to know hows Michael's fate going to be
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    The song is called "Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spice" (甜酸苦辣) by Roman Tam. It was used as the opening theme in TVB's Happy Ever After aka Gum Yuk Moon Tong[/QUOTE]

    Hmm it doesn't sound like that theme music, the music was used within Happy Ever After a lot. I'll listen to it again when I time.

    Michael's fate prob won't change much because of that girl assistant. She will probably 'slaughter' Kate before Kate gets close lol. She's filled with jealousy.
  20. Damn.. now I'm not sure how the series is going to turn out. Are they just going to focus on the guy building his army to overthrow the king. I michael going to stick with joe ma now. Kind of a shame, I was hoping he'd side with the king. Since he's not a bad guy and trusts michael.