The Witness - 木棘证人 (2020)

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    English Title:

    The Witness

    Chinese Title:


    Leung Yiu-kin


    Him Law
    Kelly Cheung
    Willie Wai
    Sammi Cheung
    Wing Tsui
    Pinky Cheung

    Because of a fatal shooting case, plain-clothes Sergeant Ko Lik-kei (Him Law) runs into a “dull” and “troublesome” witness called Lee Ho-fan (Willie Wai). Lik-kei is instructed to protect Ho-fan at all times. Initially, the duo are strangers that cannot stand each other. They then gradually get along. Meanwhile, an apparel company of which Ho-fan is a major shareholder is found to have involved in illicit dealings. Yip Cheung-lok (Lau Kong) and his son Yip Ming-kwan (Tsui Wing), who are member of senior management, are associated with these activities. Lik-kei teams up with Ho-fan and Ho-fan’s younger sister Lee Chung-ying (Kelly Cheung), who is a barrister by profession, to investigate. Lik-kei and Chung-ying get entangled in a relationship in the process. Also, Lik-kei’s elder sister Ko Wing-yum (Pinky Cheung) and Ho-fan get along sometimes and provoke each other at other times. Fate has brought the foursome together, causing a case that has remained unsolved for more than twenty years to be reopened.

    Airing October 19th replacing Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 - C9特工

  2. is Willie guy weirdo genius type lol like Mark Ma in that show :lol: (Life after death)

    Dont like those chars:john:

    Kelly so pretty big upgrade from Samantha Ko :kevin:
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    Samantha Ko was hot when she's young like 16-24 years old. Now, there are many younger female casts over shallowing her. I mean she's still good looking just not as
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