The Stunt - 特技人 (2018)

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    English Title:
    The Stunt

    Chinese Title:


    Wong Wai Yan



    Shaun Tam
    Kelvin Kwan
    Rebecca Zhu
    Kelly Fu
    Jack Wu
    Jess Sum

    “Summit” was a reputable vehicular stunt team in the film industry, but an accident that happened two years ago made team leader CHAI TAI-CHI (Shaun Tam) disband the team. To pass on her late father’s legacy, SHEUNG MEI-CHU (Rebecca Zhu) works as a stunt double at film studios while actively seeking to bring the team back together, which eventually succeeds through her efforts. Aspiring director YIU CHI-HANG (Kelvin Kwan) approaches the “Summit” team for making a movie about the life of stunt performers but is rejected by TAI-CHI. MEI-CHU has had a crush on TAI-CHI for years; whereas CHI-HANG also grows fond of MEI-CHU. Plus, an eye candy actress called JUN JUN (Kelly Fu) further complicates the relationship among the four more than ever. After exposing a lie that has been hidden for years, MEI-CHU cannot continue her stunt performer career anymore. How is TAI-CHI going to deal with it?

    Airing August 6th replacing Succession War 天命

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  2. lilmeh

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    Hmmm I am genuinely surprised on how well Rebecca is carrying this series..
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  3. jdm_s2k

    jdm_s2k Well-Known Member

    what do you think of kelly fu?
  4. she wear too much makeup in all her shows ;)
  5. ailyeric

    ailyeric Well-Known Member

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    average looks with great push-up bra
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  6. aurora li > :detect:

    they had the best story in show :nikkitroll:

    and kelvins mom is a fox forget her name she kept it good she a Vet
  7. eric62451

    eric62451 Well-Known Member

    the mother is such a b*tch...
  8. ailyeric

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    his mom was in a few cat3 movies back in the day. go check ur cat3 collection lol
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  9. you would know saltiest worm
  10. poor story I liked the son he was a good actor when he left home :cry2: my fav scene
  11. jdm_s2k

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    i think aurora li is a lot more pretty than

    i think the jealous is real...
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  12. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Drama was good; really nice to honour the real stuntmen in the industry because they're often forgotten. It would've been more dope if they showed more stunt stuff lol
    • Shaun Tam - First time seeing him but sometimes he's awkward.. especially his yelling scenes. I don't know if it is his character or his acting but a lot of the time he was expressionless lol
    • Gotta give a shoutout to the kid.. I feel like he's one of the better child actors
    • Rebbeca - Her makeup wasn't that heavy in this drama so she looked pretty lol. Even at the last scene before it showed her in a wheelchair I knew she was gonna end up like that
    • Jack Wu - The manager ; he does not look like he's 40+ but he is.. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him
    • The stunt crew - I thought it was kinda dope that each one of them had a side story but maybe it was that way or else this drama would've been like 15 episodes lol
      • The fire scene.. good for that guy for filming that himself.. big thumbs up. I remember watch the behind the scenes of that part of the show on Youtube months before I started this drama
    • Kelvin - Had no idea who this guy was b/c I don't listen to cpop but holy this guy had some legal history lmao I wonder if he'll do more drama as well