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  1. kontradictions

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    I just had this great idea. Lets have a recipe thread!

    I'll start things off with a drink :)

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    2 Cups Strawberry
    ½ Banana (Don't put too much banana. The flavor is very strong)
    1 Cup Milk
    1½ Cup Ice

    Wash the strawberries
    Put everything in the blender and blend!
    Add ½ Teaspoon of sugar if necessary but it should be good enough without it.

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    yes very strong indeed............-what?
  3. kontradictions

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    Oopsees, thanks for catching the typo.
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    lols muhahahahaha-dead
  5. aishiteru4

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    eeeee i was plannin to do this after my exams.. T-T oh well as long as someone started it...hmmm wot should i teach first... hmmm ok ok i will teach the easiest.... chocolate mud cake
    250g butter (unsalted)
    200g chocolate
    1.5cup of caster sugar... if u like sweeter 2 cups
    0.25cup of cocoa powder
    1tsp vanilla essence (i prefer vanilla extract)
    1.5cup of hot water + 1tbs coffee (mix)
    1.5 cup of self-raising flour
    2 eggs

    if u dont have self-raising flour..u can make it..
    *2cups of normal flour + 1tbs baking powder + 1 tsp salt

    method: 1. melt butter over a double boiler (means u put butter in a heat-proff bowl or i just put it in a smaller saucepan and then put that saucepan over a bigger pan half filled with water)
    *dont get water into the butter
    2. after butter's melted add in ur coffee mixture and cocoa powder-mix till smooth
    3. pour mixture into those electric mixture bowl thing... and add sugar
    4. beat till smooth.. i use low speed.. buy my low speed might be a little slower or faster than ur low speed.. just make sure the mixture is smooth...
    5. then gradually add the flour (sift it in)
    pour it into a baking tray
    *line it with baking paper-easier to get it off later)
    bake for about 25-30mins.. at 150'C
    or check on it after 25 mins or so.. stick a skewer into the middle.. n if it comes out clean with no sticky solution.. then the cakes done...

    for the chocolate sauce..
    put 125g of compound chocolate + 115g of butter into a saucepan.. do the double boiler thing...
    *remove from the thing once u see the chocolate's like 3/4 done cos the heat will melt it further.. u dont want to over heat it..

    pour over cake.. n done ehehhe


    n -lol.. after making this.. u wouldnt want to eat it.. cos i didnt.. after knowing how much greese there is in it.. i was like.. *sick* ehhehe
  6. honkiebonkie

    honkiebonkie Well-Known Member

    MY FAVOURITE: pavlova >.<

    enjoy ! :D

    6 egg whites
    1½ cups of sugar
    6 teaspoons of sifted corn starch
    1½ teaspoons of white vinegar
    305 grams of thick whipped cream
    Dry fruit to your liking (orange pieces, sliced bananas or peaches)

    Preparation of recipe

    1. Whip the egg whites and go adding little by little the sugar.
    2. Mix the corn starch and vinegar with the whipped egg whites. Oil an oven pan and pad it with butter paper. Lightly oil the paper and sprinkle flour over it. Draw or signal a circle (23 cm. diameter) over the floured paper.
    3. Put a ¼ of the mixture in the center of the circle and extend it towards the border of it leaving 3 cm. of space left. Pile up the rest of the mixture around the circle and even it out with a spatula. Bake it for 1½ hour or until the meringue is firm. Turn the oven off and let it cool with the Pavlova in side, with the oven door half way open. Adorn the cold pavlova with the whipped cream and fruits.
  7. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    Canned Soup:
    Get a plate
    Open can and pour into plate
  8. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    Sounds so complicated!!! >.<

    ................................................................................... Idiots' Guide to making soup
  9. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    Recipe for Assam fish and Chicken Rendang respectively. -lol
  10. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    exactly..and it was posted specifically for you...enjoy it while wearing your dunce cap now..
  11. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    ^Why, thank you Knoc. But I think I am far more advanced than you. Need to send you back to the stores for a chip upgrade on recipes.
  12. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    so would this "more advanced than me" be related to the fact that first u said bb wasn't a i'm not...holla...
  13. BabyRain

    BabyRain Doppelgänger of da E.Twin

    What has this got to do with BBear.. stop resorting to cheap comebacks.
  14. Knoctur_nal

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    ur the one referring to urself as more merely linking the two...word...or do u plan on rippin on me like u did to dan in hacking multiplayer game thread....
  15. BabyRain

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    Lol, you said you posted that recipe for idiots like me.. I am just saying I need more advanced recipe than that.
  16. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    haha..i've made my have fun now..since you seem to be a food lover and all...
  17. dreyvii

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    Whoa...talking to cake and sushi si-fu here! -clapclap

    Erm...I make up half the stuff I cook, and there are no exact measurements to my recipes. I think only my well trained (to tolerate my own sucky culinary skills) tastebuds can palate that kind of food, so I guess I shall retire from this thread...-sweat
  18. aishiteru4

    aishiteru4 Well-Known Member

    no ler.. not complicated.. trust me... its actually quite easy.. preparing time like maybe 30min tops.. ofcourse excluding the stuff u have to wash kekeke

    me love asam fish.. but then.. i always choke myself with bones... :( guess fish dont like me.. :(
    oh oh.. another way to do chicken rendang... get one those adabi packs.. ahhaha

    hahaha well i just kinda estimate thou.. ehhe for baking cakes... i do kinda have a measurement.. for cookies not really... for cooking dishes.. there is non.. hahaha but i m sure u can estimate round bout how much u put in.. oh oh.. wanna learn how to make sushi?

    i posted this on utube few months back... dont laugh ok... i sound disgusting.. n plus all my frens mocked me cos i sound retarded.. i was nervous!! althou i did a voice over.. but i was nervous ehhehe...
    so u CAN comment.. but NOT harsh comments (eg. mocking my speech) lol.. or else i will -dead u! ehhe


    part 2

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  19. dreyvii

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    @Aishiteru: I really think you underestimate yourself at sounded pretty sweet...nervous, cos your voice was trembling at bits, but sweet. Did you grow up overseas? Cos you definitely DO NOT sound Malaysian...puts me to shame *frown*!! Heheh. Hmmm...salmon and cottage cheese? Gotta try that some day. Wait til I get bitten by the cooking bug!! :p
  20. aishiteru4

    aishiteru4 Well-Known Member

    hahahaha thank u... ehhe i wished my frens were as nice as u :( sobssss....
    i was mocked so bad... i didnt post anymore videos ehhe
    i know.. so stupid.. i did a voice over.. cos the original one was even worst! ehhe n still i was trembling.. i suck! hehehe
    aiks.. me dont sound like msia? oh.. i do!! ehehe thats one of the things my fren's make fun of me for... they say i sound like a typical msia.. ehhe