The Ending?

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  1. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    ... was so blah... I demand to see the uncut version!
  2. puiyan

    puiyan Member

    =.=' would be better if they had changed the end of bowie and micheal...
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Ending was so-so :xd:
  4. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i jump from episode 1 all the way to today's ending XD its not fair how michael and bowie are in the fire, but bowie is saved instead, totally weird, typical ending, overall....its the same old family feuds, i can predict what evil things they're doing sigh, same old ways of trying to bring people down, cant u be more creative tvb?
  5. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    i think the ending was pretty good. This was probably the best ending possible. As much as i dont want Michael to die, still, this was a good ending.
  6. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb Well-Known Member

    Totally AGREE on this point.

    Yep, I agree. People are all over TVB now. One thing I don't understand is how Bowie got out of the fire.

    I would love to rewatch the ending, but the part of Michael dying changes my mood of rewatching it...

    Ay... TVB producers these days...
  7. v[^o^]v

    v[^o^]v New Member

    is there? ending should be better
  8. popfu

    popfu Well-Known Member

    That's my only gripe about the ending. How can one survive and another die? Either both die or both live.

    These types of plots are the most gripping and memorable. As for this ending, everybody stayed true to their character leading up to the fire. Michael Tao using his relationship with other businessmen and scheming to take everything back from Bowie, the sisters becoming close again like when they were kids, Joyce Tang only thinking about her baby, etc., were all well done and in character.

    Overall, this was a very solid series. The acting was excellent, including the youngest couple Macy and Joel. (I especially like Macy, but there's quite a bit of competition at TVB. Nevertheless, I really enjoy her expression and delivery.)
  9. x_divinity

    x_divinity Well-Known Member

    Overall I thought the ending was good, but I didn't like it. I don't mind Bowie living, but I was totally heartbroken about Michael's death.

    I agree with your opinion on the series as well as the acting.
    I'm not sure whether I don't like Macy's acting, or if it was her character that had annoyed me. Either way, my impression of her is not too good, but not too bad either.
    One thing's for sure though, she needs to work on her crying. Kiki had the best crying scenes imo, her tears looked real and touched me. Jessica's crying scenes were terrible (again, imo), especially for an experienced actress.
  10. onni

    onni Well-Known Member

    i don't like the ending of Bowie being alive and Michael died. how can that be when both are in the fire. hopefully there will be an alternate ending.
  11. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    i think the part where he used the wheelchair to throw her out of the fire was hilarious.
    lol..damn funny lor.
    and come that bad guy survive?!?!?!

    and yeah, i don't like the ending that Michael died. but i guess tvb just wanted a 'unfair' ending so viewers will remember the series la.
  12. mizuKAZE

    mizuKAZE Well-Known Member

    exactly... the out of the fire scene... kinda strange that ONLY you start noticing about this part...

    AT first when i saw Michael and the 2nd sister laying on the ground unconscious, I thought Michael was planning to put her on his wheelchair and then push her something out of the fire. It went totally different

    I was literally laughing when the 2nd sister was actually "thrown out" from the chair with the pull up rope setup... that was just impossible to do.
    I know this is all act and tv stuff etc... but it's going no where. Michael is pulling from a rope with 1 girl on a wheel chair. MAN HE IS DAMN STRONG (or heavy?)

    This part should be researched by Mr kingsley from The Mysteries Of Love. Let him prove it -flow
  13. KilaKilaGirl

    KilaKilaGirl Well-Known Member

    As crazy as it sounds, the ending does give the viewers some pondering. the wheelchair, the bad guy survived, and the michael's death are all illogical. anyway, the ending was okay
  14. puiyan

    puiyan Member


    hahaha!! that's an awesome idea! professor kingsley -bigclap
  15. BreathingLifeX

    BreathingLifeX Well-Known Member

    Ohmygosh, bowie should have died in instead of michael! This ending sux :O
    Cant wait 2 see the alternate ending ^^
  16. xsugarx

    xsugarx Well-Known Member

    Ending was rushed and lame but, which TVB ending is bad. I kinda resent getting to the end of TV series now cause it just ruins the whole series. KINDA FUNNY THAT JESSICA GOT THREW OUT LIKE A RAG DOLL (LITERALLY)... ZZzzz can it be any faker.
  17. emailromance

    emailromance New Member

    I hate the ending because of michael's death. Also, I don't understand why bowie only turn crazy after doing many bad things
  18. ozchilli

    ozchilli Well-Known Member

    I guess the director try to duplicate the ending from Burning Flame II where Wong Hei's death left a sense of sadness in the audience hence the rating for BF2 ending was quite high. Oh well, Michael's character didn't have as much emotional influence as Wong Hei's in BF2.
  19. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    I didn't quite understand the ending .. how did Bowie got out yet Mike died .. don't make any sense. Weird ..
  20. e11ing

    e11ing Member

    I agree with you guys. It was funny when Jessica just flew out, through the fire on the wheelchair...and does Michael die, but Bowie survive...a bit unbelieveable...