The Dripping Sauce - 大醬園 (2020)

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    English Title:

    The Dripping Sauce

    Chinese Title:


    Leung Choi Yuen



    Rebecca Zhu
    Matthew Ho
    Katy Kung
    James Ng
    Kelly Fu
    Kaman Kong

    Man Koon Brewery is a century-old soy sauce maker in Foshan. The motto of patriarch Man Kai-shan (Hugo Ng) and his wife Tsik Tak-yung (Mimi Kung) is “Male succession and keep it in the family”. However, because of a contaminated soy sauce incident, they just have to let two women, namely, Ha Siu-moon (Rebecca Zhu) and Ip Sai-yiu (Katy Kung), join the business. The duo and their son Man Cheuk-fung (Matthew Ho) become fellow apprentices. Junior master Wah Ko (James Ng) gets involved with the trio, resulting in an intriguing foursome. Meanwhile, everybody gets anxious as certain secrets about the Mans are revealed and Cheuk-fung is abruptly taken away. At the brewery, Kai-shan’s younger brothers Kai-shek (Timothy Cheng), Kai-tsun (Gary Chan) and Kai-kong (Tsui Wing) want to divide the family fortune. And even outsider General Ko Shiu-wing (Andrew Yuen) is plotting to get his hands on a piece of the pie. With a 100-year history, Man Koon Brewery’s future is in doubt as it gets into such a precarious situation.

    Airing January 20th replacing Handmaidens United 丫鬟大联盟

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    The dripping sauce...interesting choice for a title.
    Stay classy TVB
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  3. ab289

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    Same story line ... family business in-fighting. Hasn't the story been told before - in a rice wine making family business? Repetition of same story is getting boring. Can almost tell what will happen before it happens.
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  4. nikkyh

    nikkyh Well-Known Member

    I'm not keen either. 30Eps, so I'll check back again in about 2 months or so.
  5. No one watched this? Twas a nice little show

    -Matt Ho first time as lead

    -Rebecca and Matt always paired together no wonder they have real romance:p

    -Katy Kung back to being evil girl lol

    -Soy sauce theme reminds me of nikki chow show back in the day 'bottled passion'? ;)