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  1. hahaha.. damn.. she burned him.. quick.. he didn't even know what hit him..

    I bet they were freakin' thats why she said that
  2. lol where should I post this? should I make a whole new thread for this?

    Employee Punches Boss In Face Over Paycheck

    Going Hard in tha Muthafuckin' PAA PAA PAINT! POW!
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  5. Jackie Chan hates Karate Kids.. lol
  6. hahaha.. this dude is hilarious!!

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  8. lol this guy always watch those vids wit the pron stars.. :facepalm: dude is not even funny..
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    i'm subscribed to his ish and he pretty funny u hater
  10. lol.. :facepalm: her scottish accent was pretty funny tho..
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    gimme yo money nigga :facepalm: