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    I love this drama, extravagant and a stunning ensemble cast. I absolutely love the glitters - the scenery and jewellery. I absolutely loved the soundtrack.

    For me personally, these are the most memorable scenes for me, for each and every character.

    Maggie Siu as Sylvia
    Ep 82 - conclusion to the relationship with Calvin
    Ep 75 - scolding Jessica at her home, before realizing mother was there
    Ep 67 - her crying and confrontation with Jessica about the betrayal
    Ep 52 - her manipulation of Catherine for the sake of Calvin
    Ep 52 - crying while embracing Sunny about Calvin's baby
    My favourite character and actress. I wished she has better and more varied haircut though

    Gigi Lai as Constance
    Ep 81 - her confrontation with Jessica for Terrence
    Ep 54 - her frustration to both Sylvia and Jessica keeping mum on Terrence's affair
    She's got the best set of jewellery. Her character annoys me at times.

    Ada Choi as Jessica
    Ep 81 - rebuttal to Constance upon her threat on exposing her doings
    Ep 70 - explaining to father on the lie, after finding out mother's illness
    Ep 69 - at the funeral, explaining about Martin's death
    Ep 68 - speaking about her betrayal to Sylvia, and about Wo-Ho and Martin to Constance
    Ada easily has the most oppotunity to dazzle in this. Her hairstyle is amazing!

    Bowie Lam as Calvin
    Ep 67 - split from Catherine in Macau, his speech about choices in life.
    the pairing of Calvin and Sylvia is perfect for me

    Louise Lee as Mother
    Ep 81 - her words to her 3 daughters at the dining table and the video recording
    I also was very touched by her words in the trailer.. about wishing the 3 daughters to not forget they have had the best moments together. It was not featured in the drama.

    John Chiang as Father
    Ep 70 - his words to his 3 daughters about their mother's illness

    Elliot Yue as Martin
    Ep 50 - his true intentions revealed to Philip

    Rebecca Chan as Melissa
    Ep 62 - her last words to Martin as a friend

    Wong Hei as Wor-Ho
    Ep 82 - his confession to Jessica about the illness, childhood memory and irony of diamond

    Kenny Wong as Sunny
    Ep 25 - his orientation revealed to Sylvia at the end of the episode

    I didnt like Terrence, Derek, Will and Elise, so I guess I'll skip them. But I liked Terrence calling Constance's name several times in Ep 45, that was cute.
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    OK well to be honest i'm totally the opposite. I don't like this drama!

    But hey how can you remember all those scenes for each char
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    whoaaa im impressed how you managed to remember whut epi its from and stuff...(Y)

    yeshhh i lub calvin and sylvia they made such a nice match...lub it when they argue so funny..!

    i also liked the scene when the mammi tells jessica that she will take the wrap for the car
    incident and tells her she will understand from the parents view when she has the child
    how when your a parent you're willing to protect them wind and rain...!!!...<3
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    mom and dad's

    yeah both mom and dad's scene on Ep 70 is really good.
    The hospital scene is excellent.
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    Terrence: Do you know how to take phone calls?
    Constance: Yes
    Terrence: Do you know how to type?
    Constance: Yes
    Terrence: You're hired!