Tavia Yeung Truly Believes Sonija is Not A Marriage Wrecker

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    Translated by: Em @ http://tvbspace.blogspot.com/
    Source: Ta Kung Pao

    Tavia Yeung Truly Believes Sonija is Not A Marriage Wrecker
    March 31, 2007


    Sonija Kwok has become entangled with the news of Michael Tao's marriage breakup and has been the talk of the town. Tavia Yeung worked with them both in the series "The First Beat" and although she did not share any scenes with Sonija, she has worked with her before and she does not believe that she would become involved in other people's marriages because she is not a person who is likely to be a marriage wrecker. As for Michael's divorce, she refuses to pass comment.

    When Tavia worked with Sonija, she found her to be very reserved, but friendly and sometimes they would go shopping together. Tavia finds that Sonija does not just stick to the men and seems to spend more time with other women. Maybe because she has had some bad experiences in her previous relationships, so people are misled about her. As for Tavia, she often has to perform romantic scenes with male artistes, so how does she manage to detach herself from the role afterwards? She says: "I split my work and my own feelings very clearly, so although I will really fall for my co-stars to give the best performance, I will immediately pull away after the scene and there is no problem as long as my heart is fine."

    As for Sonija being under a lot of pressure at the moment, has Tavia called her to comfort her? She says she saw Sonija a few days ago, but did not ask her directly because she is already under a lot of stress from the press and she does not want to make her feel as if she has to explain it to her friends and colleagues.