Tavia Yeung supports Sheren Tang for TV Queen; New Series costume fitting

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    Tavia Yeung supports Sheren Tang for TV Queen; New Series costume fitting

    Tavia Yeung, Ken Hung, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu and Michael Tse attended "The Morning of Flying Fish in Hanami" costume fitting. Tavia was immediately asked if she's the hot favorite for TV Queen at this year's TVB anniversary award ceremony. Tavia laughed: "I'm going to the ceremony like normal where I watch an award show. But I do have high expectations for my role in "Beyond" because it is my first villain role, it is the role I worked with all my heart portraying. " The series hasn't even been released yet and Tavia's already been pushed up for TV Queen? "I'm very happy to have such support, this year I actually support Sheren Tang more, her performance is very good." Earlier TVB did a layout of the winners? "More like a layout of villain roles. Ancient dramas have a larger room for development then in Modern series."

    Ken Hung expressed that this is the first time he's participating in a Hong Kong long series. In order to prevent Ken from overworking, the Producer decided not to used Hokkaido locations for filming, there are many homes in HK that could be used as Japanese settings. He smiled: "Even my manager Mani Fok asked me if my health can handle this. Actually I recently have been out jogging in the sun to maintain my physical health."

    Source: Mingpao
    Translated by: aZnangel @ ***
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    I think that's good .. even though I believe Tavia deserve it just as much .. Sheren Tang is a veteran and certainly live up to the title and award.