Taeyeon distressed by fans who touched her at Jakarta airport

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    Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation took to Instagram to share her thoughts after a harrowing experience at a crowded airport in Indonesia.

    The singer flew to the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Thursday for promotional activities, accompanied by a single manager. As soon as Taeyeon landed at the airport, however, she encountered an unruly crowd that rushed toward her, eventually knocking her down.

    Taeyeon wrote via her Instagram on Friday to address the issue. “People’s feet and bodies got tangled up, which was a very dangerous situation. I actually fell to the floor and found myself trembling and crying nonstop. I was also very startled when a security guard lifted me up from behind to help me out.”

    Taeyeon said she felt uncomfortable with fans who touched her from behind her and to at her side, even though she believed the physical contact would have been unintentional.

    She wrapped up the letter saying, “That is why I couldn’t appear my best when I arrived in Jakarta for the first time in a while. I will think of today’s events as just an accident. I hope no one got hurt.”

    Following Taeyeon’s Instagram post, online commenters have called on the singer’s agency, S.M. Entertainment, to step up security for its artists and take measures to punish those who made unwanted physical contact with the singer.

    The Korea Herald / Asia1 News

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    It's unbelievable. Fans need to chill the fuck out and SM needs to do better to protect their current best selling soloist.

    I think on the way to leave Korea airport she was only given one or no bodyguards at all. This all relates to their current Girls Generation contract renewal issue going on.
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    No bodyguard. Just her and the manager. Definitely need to beef up security in future. :cop:
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