T-ara reunites with others for SBS's Chuseok Special

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    SBS TV channel recently broadcast a special show program “Hidden Golden Tracks Concert” during Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving and Autumns Eve). The show was dedicated to past hits that have recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity within Korea but which are also notorious for being “guilty pleasures” that people are sometimes embarrassed to be caught listening to.

    It featured members of T-ara, SS501, Narsha, Teen Top, and U-KISS reliving their past hits such as "U R Man", "Bbi-Ri-Bop-A"、"Roly Poly"、"Man Man Han Ni" and "No more perfume on you" , songs that flew under the radar, and new collaborations. Their appearances on stage garnered a new wave of interest and appreciation, becoming the most searched topic on Korea's music chart Melon overnight.

    Netizens were full of praises wishing they "could release a second generation K-Pop album", "I miss the 2nd Gen, takes me back to my teenage years".

    Some performances below:

    source: hk01