Super Mario coming to mobile devices......iOS for now

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    Finally, finally, Super Mario is coming to our gaming world on smartphone platforms!

    Nintendo and Apple are collaborating to celebrate the release of the new iPhone 7 by launching a new running game for the iphone featuring Super Mario himself.

    During the conference yesterday, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage and announced that Mario will be coming soon.

    “I want everyone around the world to enjoy Mario, and they’ll be able to enjoy it on iOS first. The magic of Mario is anyone can pick up and start playing, and now we’ve made it even easier.”

    Like other runner games, Mario moves from left to right automatically and all you have to do is tap to jump – the longer you tap the higher Mario jumps. The idea being you can play the game one-handed, while eating your lunch or doing something else.

    There’s also another mode called Toad Rally where you get to race the ghost data of other people who have completed the same course, and a third mode where you can create your own Mushroom Kingdom by using coins you collect in the other two modes.

    Super Mario Run will be released in December and will be available for a fixed price, cutting the trend for the "in-app purchase supported" type free games. Despite this, the mere announcement and the spectacle of Nintendo being given such prominence at Apple’s event, has seen their share price jump by 16%.

    Super Mario stickers will also be available this month for the new iMessage in iOS 10.

    Apple and Nintendo hopes that Super Mario Run will mimic the success of other games of its group, as well as the recent Pokémon Go phenomenon.


    cred: Guardian/ runtohell121
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  2. Jeff

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    Damn thought it was Mario Kart for a second :kelefe:

    I still never installed Pokemon Go but if it was Mario Kart then I may have to..
  3. crasianlee

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    Maybe that'll be the next game they do.
  4. StephyLee

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    lol, the game looks boring. They should have developed the game based on the New Super Mario Bros. (DS version)
  5. Ricky Jai

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    Gonna be popular for a month or so and die out or wen someone hacks it to be super easy then it will b boring