Super Junior's Ryeowook confirms relationship with TAHITI ex-member Ari

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    Super Junior's Ryeowook (33) was exposed to be dating former TAHITI member Ari (25), with the latter being accused of being a member of the controversial Shincheonji Church of Jesus, and that Ryeowook had given money to her to open up a coffee shop.

    After much speculation, Ryeowook announced on his official fan website that he is in fact currently dating Ari but emphasised strongly that the SJ members and his fans are very important to him. He apologised for the way his relationship had come out into the light but stressed that the online rumours were not true. He explained that the coffee shop was actually for his parents but as they were not familiar with social media, he had asked Ari to help out.

    Causing such a misunderstanding with his fans, he could only apologise to them again and to his team members. Ari also posted a statement clarifying that she was not a member of that church group.

    Since disbanding, Ari has been focusing her attentions on acting and stage performances, whilst Ryeowook is known for his love of the theatre too, meeting through mutual friends, it's not hard to see they have many interests in common.

    Ryeowook is also the second member to publicly announce his relationship after team member Heechul.

    source: mingpao/allkpop