Succession War - 天命 (2018)

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    English Title:

    Succession War

    Chinese Title:



    Chong Wai Kin


    Ruco Chan
    Shaun Tam
    Natalie Tong
    Elaine Yiu
    Selena Li
    Joel Chan
    Jonathan Cheung
    Matthew Ho

    HESHEN (Ruco Chan) supports PRINCE YONGYAN (Shaun Tam) to accede to the throne. Following QIANLONG’s death, EMPEROR JIAQING manages to convince HESHEN’s son FENGSHEN-YINDE (Matthew Ho) and confidant FUCHANG’AN (Joel Chan) to turn their coat, seeking to sweepingly eliminate HESHEN and his cronies. But, HESHEN comes prepared. He not only manages to solve this crisis, but also turns the tables, exposing the secret of ROYAL NOBLE CONSORT (Selena Lee), making JIAQING caught in the crossfire!

    HESHEN’s second wife CHANG MEI (Elaine Yiu) and female confidant DOUKOU (Natalie Tong) act separately to turn JIAQING’s own brother PRINCE YONGLIN (Jonathan Cheung) into his enemy. With the White Lotus Sect wreaking havoc nationwide, JIAQING is plunged into despair. However, he is a man with a mandate from heaven……

    Airing June 25th replacing Flying Tiger 飛虎之潛行極戰

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  2. xaznxryux

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    I've been anticipating this for a while!
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  3. almost forgot about Selena lol shes in this :p
  4. ailyeric

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    super like! 3 of my favorite tvb girls in one drama :)
  5. xaznxryux

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    4 episodes in and I am very hooked. I think Ruco may be the 2nd actor in TVB to have ever portrayed HeShen with Gordon Liu back in Game of Deceit.

    KK Cheung did a great job as QianLong emperor, but I am unsure if I feel the guy or the character script of JiaQing. At least I don't remember JiaQing being as scheming and power hungry as this drama is portraying him to be, but the other events around him are indeed true though (the scheming of his brothers to usurp the throne, the double royal stamp from QianLong and JiaQing both present). It is an interesting twist to how they portray QianLong's death.

    Though to be quite honest, I think this drama could've benefit from the fact if they made it a battle of wits between HeShen and JiaQing. So far so good
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  6. shaun tam = raymond lam? they look alike :lol: he the older LF